Tech League Review

Written by JimmyDee on August 15 2022

The Ninius train took a little derailing with Grace’s lowest score (2143) for a while dropping her from the top four. She needs 145 extra next week to pull off the win. Nathan hit the big time with perfect timing from his Abel’s Axes owning this week’s top score. A huge 2401 has catapaulted him into second behind the gritty determination of Amir’s Tech Ninjas who still hold a 50 point lead thanks to a creditable 2269.

Glenda is showing incredible resilience with the Techiewannabees pulling off a 2325 to hold onto third only a very catchable 65 points in arrears. Barrie’s BogEyes Ralph scored 2358 to climb a spot into fourth, not without a chance at only 136 points down.

Hazzas TL Heroes (2388), Technicoolz (2382), Alza’s Assasins (2376) and FD’s Nuns (2364) were this week’s podium sharers with Nathan with those great scores in this penultimate week .

Can those peskie Ninjas hang on, or will 50, 65, 136 or even 145 point deficits be attainable in the final week. They were this week!




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6 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. I tipped a Ninius win a few weeks ago, are you going to do it ??

    Hottest finish to a tech season (probably) in history. Sincere best wishes to all those within reach of the trophy, and well played to all those who stayed true to the cause. Excellent job.


  2. Sadly injuries / suspensions have ruined my great lead … not to mention Stewart remaining like a busted on his two return games and that waste of space Short … oh what could have been!

    Thanks for running a great Tech League again James … best thing about SC for mine!

    And this will be it for me in SC … I’m pulling the pin after this year as I can no longer stomach CD scoring and the rubbish platform they give us. So subjective and so easily manipulated by them with maximum scores and a scaling system that they use to suit them.

    I’ll enjoy getting my weekends back again … but will definitely miss playing Tech League for sure!

    Good luck all!


    1. So sad to hear Macca, will really miss you and your input, and tech league will not be the same without you.

      Enjoy your weekends though !!


  3. I sense that Grace was AWOL or indisposed because she took VC Neale’s 76 pts instead of plonking C on another premo after Neale’s underwhelming score. I hope all is well with Grace.


    1. Yes sadly I just forgot to check and was stuck with the captain on Hewett from the week before.. rookie error


  4. As a newbie to this comp, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.
    I am looking forward to having another crack next year 🙂



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