Saturday Arvo Football – R18, 2013

Written by Big Sexy on July 27 2013

Gold Cost V Carlton (Metricon):  The Little Master takes on the Blue baggers in a big one up north.  The Gold Coast are starting to build a fortress up there, now lets see how strong that fortress really is.

Melbourne V North Melbourne (Etihad):  Not a huge amount of interest in this one with both teams out of the finals race.  Will be interested to see how Grimms and Swallow go though….. two captains, who, if they lift, might be handy pick-ups as injury replacements going into SC finals

Collingwood V GWS (MCG):  No Brainer – poor GWS.  Pies on the rebound loss to GC.  Could get ugly!  Lets see if Swan, Pendles, Heater, Cloke go large


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48 thoughts on “Saturday Arvo Football – R18, 2013”

  1. I’m gonna use heppells 99, who will score higher out of these two. I gotta put one on the bench
    TU – Gibbs
    TD – Mckenzie


  2. OK coaches, I had Nicholls on field and now with GAJ not going big I need to make up some ground. Who is a better option for the C … Swan or Pendles???

    T/U – Pendles
    T/D – Swan

    Comment on Selwood as option please?


  3. I know i am a bit late and I am sure many were waiting for my comments.

    How the hell does the champion data shit work.

    Buddy Kicks 8 yes 8 probably the most for a full forward this year in one game and only gets 119 points. What the F%$K the Poo collects two more possession and 1 goal and gets 128 points

    Now I can say officially who you idiots that traded the Budmiester out.


  4. Now boys i am gone logging on to AFL LIVE TV here in the country side of Vietnam to watch the pies and hopefully pendles slaughter GWS best 100 bucks I ever spent.




    37 Max Gawn 114
    14 Lynden Dunn 107
    12 Colin Sylvia 103
    25 Tom McDonald 93
    2 Nathan Jones 90
    45 Matt Jones 75
    4 Jack Watts 74
    9 Jack Trengove 68
    5 Jimmy Toumpas 59
    10 Shannon Byrnes 59
    21 Cameron Pedersen 57
    7 Jack Viney 56
    8 James Frawley 53
    50 Mitchell Clisby 50
    35 Luke Tapscott 49
    48 Jack Fitzpatrick 46
    6 Chris Dawes 43
    38 Jeremy Howe 41
    31 Jack Grimes 39
    17 Sam Blease 23
    36 Aaron Davey 8
    34 Dean Kent 1


    22 Todd Goldstein 153
    10 Ben Cunnington 150
    29 Brent Harvey 135
    6 Lachlan Hansen 121
    3 Ryan Bastinac 105
    43 Sam Gibson 103
    13 Leigh Adams 100
    8 Daniel Wells 95
    41 Aaron Mullett 89
    34 Jamie Macmillan 87
    16 Scott D. Thompson 87
    31 Cameron Delaney 86
    35 Aaron Black 84
    20 Drew Petrie 82
    9 Andrew Swallow 78
    7 Jack Ziebell 78
    25 Robbie Tarrant 72
    17 Nathan Grima 69
    12 Lindsay Thomas 59
    18 Shaun Atley 56
    2 Brad McKenzie 33
    26 Taylor Hine 33


  6. Dammit again swallow, worst pod pick of the year. Albett noble effort but going to try the luck on pendles


  7. What a weird and wacky day of SuperCoach

    I copped two late outs (Terlich and Ball) plus Prestia was a late out from my draft team. Add to that Nicholls low score – lucky I was loopholing him with Maric.

    Got coverage for them all. 🙂

    Then there’s the massive score of Goldy (and Cunnington in my draft team).


  8. Things could get ugly, eh? For collingwood they have been so far.

    Boomer still turning it on.


  9. Well that f#@$in sucks … Nicholls down, GAJ low (for him) score and to cap it off I didn’t back my own gut in taking Swan and swapped to Pendles after asking poll above … ahhh well, them’s the breaks!! Gotta trust your own gut …

    C’mon Pendles LIIIFFFFFTTTTT …. please!


  10. Pendles has gotten under the ton once for the year. The week i have him captain he goes under the ton again!


  11. Two Pies in the middle
    Which to crown, such a riddle.
    I knew before long
    That I’d got my selection wrong
    On Pendlebury I depended
    So my hopes have been upended.


  12. Anyone who went swan over pendles will be a happy man.

    My hopes are placed in joelwood. 46 points early in the second.



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