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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on September 4 2023

Having gotten my hands on some price projections for next year (which I’ve commented below), I’m going to keep this post pinned as a place to drop any thoughts, bookmarks, statistics and ideas heading into the long winter (well, summer) between now and SC 2024.


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  1. SC 2024 PRICES

    J Dawson 116 $638k
    R Laird 117 $643k
    M Crouch 98(7g) $484k 10% disc
    R O’Brien 96 $527k
    B Keays 81 $444k
    K Strachan 0 $183k 30% disc
    R Thilthorpe 59 $327k
    S Berry 51(4g) $224k 20% disc
    L Pedlar 56 $307k

    K Coleman 71 $393k
    D Rich 81(7g) $403k 10% disc
    J Dunkley 115 $635k
    L Neale 110 $608k
    J Lyons 51(7g) $254k 10% disc
    H Sharp 52(3g) $228k 20% disc
    Z Bailey 78 $428k
    D Robertson 45 $250k

    S Docherty 101 $554k
    N Newman 100 $552k
    A Saad 90 $493k
    Z Williams 0 $298k 30% disc
    A Cerra 108 $596k
    S Walsh 103 $568k
    P Cripps 98 $537k
    C Marchbank 52(5g) $227k 20% disc
    G Hewett 79 $434k
    T De Koning 74 $406k

    N Daicos 116 $640k
    J Daicos 99 $546k
    T Mitchell 95 $521k
    S Pendlebury 94 $517k
    S Sidebottom 85 $470k
    D Cameron 92 $508k
    J De Goey 97 $532k
    P Lipinski 70 $384k
    F Macrae 39(1g) $150k 30% disc

    J Ridley 95 $522k
    M Redman 91 $500k
    Z Merrett 116 $640k
    D Parish 108 $595k
    D Shiel 69 $382k
    E Tsatas 55(4g) $242k 20% disc
    N Cox 47(6g) $231k 10% disc
    S Draper 76 $416k
    N Martin 88 $485k
    J Caldwell 78 $431k
    B Hobbs 74 $408k
    A Perkins 66 $363k
    J Stringer 65 $356k

    L Ryan 109 $603k
    H Young 94 $517k
    C Serong 111 $612k
    A Brayshaw 109 $600k
    S Darcy 105 $581k
    L Jackson 98 $539k
    N Fyfe 51 $279k

    T Stewart 114 $626k
    J Bowes 61 $337k
    C Guthrie 84(6g) $415k 10% disc
    B Parfitt 53 $292k
    S Neale 45(3g) $198k 20% disc

    W Powell 92 $506k
    L Weller 83 $459k
    C Budarick 77(2g) $297k 30% disc
    C Constable 62(2g) $237k 30% disc
    M Rowell 102 $563k
    N Anderson 105 $578k
    T Miller 98 $537k
    B Fiorini 65 $356k
    B Uwland 31(3g) $135k 20% disc
    J Anderson 0 $309k 30% disc
    J Witts 106 $584k
    N Moyle 50(2g) $191k 30% disc
    S Flanders 88 $487k
    B Humphrey 59 $326k

    L Whitfield 93 $511k
    H Himmelberg 81 $444k
    I Cumming 69 $382k
    T Green 111 $612k
    S Coniglio 102 $560k
    J Kelly 102 $560k
    K Briggs 109 $600k
    T Greene 91 $501k
    M Flynn 88 $485k
    J Wehr 26(4g) $116k 20% disc
    J Fahey 27(7g) $135k 10% disc
    B Preuss 0 $354k 30% disc

    J Sicily 114 $628k
    W Day 97 $536k
    D GraingerBarras 27(7g) $135k 10%disc
    J Worpel 90 $495k
    N Reeves 67 $370k
    L Meek 64 $352k
    D Moore 91 $501k
    J Newcombe 98 $541k

    A Brayshaw 90 $495k
    C Oliver 121 $664k
    C Petracca 119 $658k
    M Gawn 104 $575k
    B Grundy 86 $475k
    J Jordon 49 $271k

    H Sheezel 100 $548k
    L McDonald 78 $429k
    L Davies-Uniacke 114 $626k
    J Simpkin 79 $437k
    H Greenwood 60 $332k
    T Goldstein 95 $526k
    T Xerri 73 $401k
    T Thomas 90 $497k
    J Stephenson 49 $271k

    D Houston 106 $584k
    Z Butters 114 $627k
    C Rozee 108 $592k
    O Wines 83 $457k
    B Teakle 64(4g) $280k 20% disc
    S Hayes 57(4g) $252k 20% disc
    D Visentini 32(3g) $141k 20% disc
    J Horne-Francis 78(22g) $427k
    S Powell-Pepper 67(23g) $369k

    J Short 99 $543k
    J Gibcus 0 $208k 30% disc
    T Taranto 107 $587k
    T Nankervis 104 $574k
    S Bolton 97 $533k
    D Martin 94 $519k
    D Rioli 87 $479k
    T J. Lynch 64(4g) $283k 20% disc

    J Sinclair 107 $587k
    N Wanganeen-Milera 85 $469k
    N Coffield 0 $146k 30%disc
    B Crouch 98 $537k
    J Steele 95 $522k
    J Bytel 25(6g) $124k 10% disc
    R Marshall 114 $630k
    J Gresham 67 $368k
    J Billings 62(3g) $275k 20% disc
    J Hayes 51 (1g) $197k 30% disc

    J Lloyd 96 $527k
    N Blakey 89 $492k
    W Gould 36(4g) $157k 20%disc
    E Gulden 111 $613k
    L Parker 97 $533k
    C Mills 88 $483k
    J Rowbottom 84 $461k
    T Hickey 71 $389k
    P Ladhams 70 $384k
    L McAndrew 38(2g) $146k 30% disc
    C Warner 100 $552k
    I Heeney 87 $477k
    M Roberts 31(6g) $154k 10% disc

    B Dale 91 $500k
    E Richards 86 $475k
    M Bontempelli 130 $714k
    T Liberatore 116 $639k
    A Treloar 108 $593k
    T English 128 $705k
    J Sweet 0 $246k 30% disc
    J Macrae 100 $550k
    C Daniel 93 $511k
    B Smith 80 $442k

    L Duggan 90 $496k
    A Witherden 85 $465k
    R Ginbey 63 $349k
    C Chesser 36 $197k
    T Kelly 103 $566k
    A Gaff 71 $392k
    C Jamieson 45(4g) $196k 20% disc


  2. GD thank you for your efforts in providing the Community with these price projections for SC 2024 . This will be invaluable in assisting so many of us who will be gazing into our crystal ball for the guns , potential guns and mid pricers that we will mull over for countless hours to form the core of our highly successful ( ! ) team . I think we will have a plethora of choices for our mids , a good number of defenders and a handful of quality choices for our rucks . However I feel it is the forward line that will be doing our heads in as I imagine that the top 6-8 of this year will lose their dual status and will be mids in 2024 . The likes of Luke Jackson , Dusty and Macrae will likely be the highest priced forwards and we know they all have serious question marks around them as to why we would want to have them in our side. Until CD release the players positions for 2024 I’m looking forward to hearing the views of the SCT community on how they will be navigating 2024.
    So thanks again GD for your efforts and creating this post .


    1. Hey, Stache.

      No worries. I’ve been on a bit of an SC hiatus after my team tanked and I got busy irl – now looking to 2024.

      Yeah, good call on FWDs. Hard to think of any actual midfielders, established or emerging, that will have FWD status. Dunks, Taranto, Gulden, Cogs and the Port boys are all gone. Guys like Sheezel and Jackson will be out as well.

      For a while Racca was playing a hefty split FWD but it didn’t hold right through to the end of the season. Flanders will have made himself MID only too.

      Right now Bolton is one I’m looking at. Iffy profile and floor but who else will there be? If Curnow opens the season v a few bottom four sides I don’t think I could stop myself taking the punt either lol.


    1. Will be really interesting to see how many pay up for Tim English in particular, I started with him this year but $700k+ is a huge commitment. Might be Jackson at R2 and then shift him forward once English comes down in price, or a Jackson/Grundy combo (which would make Grundy R2 technically). If you don’t include Jackson in the rucks would be very hard to get to English, outside of one of your rucks getting injured.


  3. Maybe a ruck like Bj Williams of the Eagles ? Will be their #1 ruck and looked good at times this year. As long as Darcy is at freo I won’t go near Jackson again. That screwed my 23 season.


  4. If the fwd line is as thin as we think then ill seriously consider Bailey Smith. He will either be traded to a team as an inside mid or play more as an inside mid at the dogs next year.

    Probably starting oliver and bont so starting rucks may be Xerri (if goldie goes) and Grundy (if traded). If English plays more forward next year then hes too risky to start imo.


    1. “Or play more as an inside mid at the dogs next year”. Don’t think so. Couldn’t stake a claim OB with Dunks departing and was very poor this year – so don’t know where you’re pulling that from.

      Off base with the ruck reads as well.

      Tingles was just AA ruck. Bevo being a goon for 5 minutes and moving the magnets doesn’t put an asterisk over an R1 who just averaged 128.

      Xerri makes no sense in a landscape with Tingles, Gawn and Grundy back to solo, RoMo and Briggs.


      1. This is true GD. Nice to see you active again…the real question is how much coin for starting rucks will ppl spend? English and any of those others will see that at 1.35m + ( maybe touch less with Briggs) and how hard does it make balancing the rest of the squad. Thoughts??


        1. I think it’ll be very hard to justify starting English at $700k+ when Gawn/RoMo/Briggs are cheaper and Grundy maybe presents value. Xerri would need to be rookie priced and have a great pre season to justify.

          Bailey Smith needs to show he can use the ball first before he comes into my team again (more a Fantasy player maybe).


        2. Mark, Ashley. Hey guys.

          Yeah, fading Tingles for his price next year is a fair call and one that will potentially be prudent – but not because of some cockamamie theory that he’s all of a sudden spending score killing stints up FWD.

          Gun to my head right now, I honestly like Willie’s suggestion of G&G.

          A big part of the Dees running a double ruck set up over the last few years was to prolong his career and not spend him. He’s still capable of 90% TOG and dominant performances.

          Grundy been stunted but he’ll have fire in his belly. If he’s batting to Port’s midfield, he becomes a lock pretty much.

          Briggs 600k also seems too much – but if opens the season against a ridiculous set of ruck opps like West Coast, Essendon and Geelong, I could see it working.

          Marshall then closed out the year with some real class. Did 114 this year, 130 backend. One not to sleep on.

          Circling back, knowingly overpaying for Tingles could still also work. 700k for anyone is poor value allocation and a death knell move in modern SC, but if you bank value elsewhere and he comes out slinging 150s and everyone’s faded – it’s huge.

          Fixture and ownership percentages to be SUPER interesting.


          1. Thanks GD, gun to my head I suspect G&G will be my ruck combo too! If all the assumptions about trades etc go through.

            Re your comment on not spending $700k on anyone, it’ll be hard not having Bont in our teams, one stinker brings his price down (a la Laird in Rd 1 this year), but when does he actually have a game that low (other than injury). I’d definitely take Bont over English at that price, though maybe that’s not a fair order!


              1. Briggs super resolute. Actually panned RoMo in HOs, then had 15 CPs and 5 tackles.

                RoMo obviously epic ATG with 31 touches lmao.

                Could just be those two as rucks.

                Don’t think there’ll be a bad combo on paper really. Edge will be in fixture and ownership.


                1. That’s who I finished my year with at ruck. Started with Witts and RoMo, then brought in Briggs for cash-gen, then moved him to R2 and banked the extra cash from Witts to R/F loop.


  5. Commenting this for my own recollection next year as much as generating discussion:

    I’m starting Blakey next year.

    Was pretty much there already and tonight (Blues v Swans) sealed it.

    Trajectory, disposal deferral, Lloyd tailing off. Same way I drilled Dale hitting triple digits that year, think it’s Blakey in 2024.

    Note to self!


      1. I worry the Swans playing style means he’ll have a low floor that will frustrate. Looking at Blakey’s scores a lot of 40-60s in there. Would need to raise his floor to justify.


  6. You’re spot on GD about the Rucks , a combo of the 5 you mentioned should guarantee owners a very consistent scoring stream and our selection of 2 of these will be determined by the fixture, byes and the selection of our other keepers. Traditionally we try to select 12-14 keepers across the 4 lines factoring in rookies playing Round 1 and our gut feel on some mid pricers. 2024 will see us challenged big time in the selection of our 8 forwards and I feel that the bulk of our spending on keepers will be on the other 3 lines . Next year may present a rare opportunity to select both Bont and English , on the surface paying overs but locking in their enormous scoring capacity . The forward line selections will give us all sleepless nights but I think most teams will not be spending as much on this line as in previous years . Give us more trades in 2024 Super Coach cos I think most of us will be needing them to get our forward line right ! Cheers and good luck everyone.


  7. Sam Walsh is an absolute lock at that starting price.
    Will Day a massive breakout candidate.
    And Gawn isn’t leaving my preseason sides if Grundy gets moved.


  8. Coleman a lock for 2024 if Brisbane use him next season like they did during finals. Will be very popular at around $400k.


    1. Hard to disagree, the only thing I can think of is one of him ,Wilmot or Fletcher will be in the middle more next year. We are terrible with spread from the stoppage( the de Goey goal in the last yesterday is a prime example- how you let him leave the stoppage unattended and don’t pick him up is beyond me ,it possibly cost us the game) and may look for more speed in the middle to combat this. But at 400k I can’t see how he doesn’t work out.


    2. Agree with you both actually.

      He was absolutely deadly over the finals. Excellent kick and decision maker. Very strong efficiency and MG from an SC perspective.

      He’s dethroned Rich as the Last King of Scotland down there. On that basis he’s one to consider. His scores and form were eye catching.

      To your point, Mark, he doesn’t soak up the cheap or distribution HB economy completely. McKenna and Wilmot down there – which wasn’t a good look, you’re right. Think it’s gotta be Wilmot up the ground. Would have had him over Berry at stoppage all day imo.

      There’ll be some shake ups to find optimal positions. Will be looking to your take on the Lions back 6 next year, Mark. Starcevich has become utterly useless, Andrews & Payne rock solid, Doedee might come across as a nice filler and as mentioned Coleman, McKenna and Wilmot all dancing around back there surely doesn’t hold.

      For me, Coleman is almost too disciplined and good a player for SC lol. He knows his role and plays his spots. He doesn’t gull, he doesn’t demand the ball to no need, he doesn’t sag off and sack the defense.

      His attributes mean that, yeah, he’s got good scoring capacity and can covert on economy well with his use and DM.

      I.e. if he’s getting 20 touches, that’s 20 touches (ideally as he develops) hitting chests, going 30 meters plus most of time and touches acquired winning groundball and intercepting. The points will come.

      Question is will he get that soft economy of cheap ball, KIs and distribution monopoly that’ll give him a solid enough base to not drop sub 85 scores and go 90+? Idk. Again, think he’s developing as too honest and smart a footballer to just flick a switch and gobble up all that economy, particularly in the context of Brisbane’s back 6.

      Other thing is it’ll be pretty easy to fill out the backline next year. Sheezel, Daicos, Young, Riddles almost all pick themselves.


      1. Add in Houston and Stewart , the rucks being set(any combo of about 6)and if you’re like me then the prayer is on for a heap of mid and forward rookies!


  9. Early start for me today. Scanning trade news and pondering SC before I roll out.

    Just seen Goldy to Dons. Probs two years too late. Will be tangential for SC I’m thinking.

    I’d be surprised if the Dons wrote off Draper entirely (I mean, they should but they won’t), so they’ll go a double ruck set up for some part of the year. So no Goldy – also 530k.

    Suppose it’ll be nice for Zerrett and Parish to have a traditional ruck over the worst HTA one in the comp but wasn’t really feeling either of them as MIDs anyway tbh.


  10. If it weren’t for the new strategy I’ve devised, I’d have little interest this season. But I’m back and committed.
    Hey all.


  11. With the talk of so many players losing dpp in 2024, and the added bye rounds nonsense, I fear my beloved abacus may not be up to the task this time round 🙁


  12. Current plan/structure


    Forward rookies look to be decent. Might add another midpricer or two in there if it seems to fit

    Daicos/ Himmelburg/young
    Mids Petracca/serong/Brayshaw/butters/Rozee
    Rucks undecided. Set and forget combo
    Forwards/ Jackson + rookies

    Having 6-7 premiums with the good bye should do me well through the buy rounds and allow me to shop for value options



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