SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 2

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 27 2024

Held off getting to this last week as it’s all pretty sketchy in Round 1, but now that the dust has settled we have our first installment of the weekly SCT Coaches & Leagues Update. Each week we’ll highlight the SCT Coach of the Week who topscored in the previous round, take a look to see who’s leading the pack and spotlight any impressively ranked leagues.

sct coach of the week

The honour for Round 2 goes to Tigher Time (Michael). Michael’s side assembled for an almighty 2233 in a bye round and is packed with meta picks. A great side and rank to conquer the rest of the season with.

sct open leauge top ten

  1. U-SHANE BOLT (Shane): 10
  2. Good Team (Sam): 220
  3. SnoiL@SCT (Shane): 234
  4. Elated Echinoderms (Chris): 284
  5. SC Uncle (Tandy): 649
  6. Fraanj’s Flops (Matt): 669
  7. Pie Warmers FC (Andrew): 764
  8. CMC (Mark): 847
  9. The Coconuts (Marcus): 1111
  10. Monaco (Craig): 1238

Honourable Mentions: Wighty (1258) and Shaggi (1623).

Major shout-out to Shane sitting 10th overall. Not only is he off to a banger this year but he’s been a real constant over the last two years in the Top 1k – I remember because his all caps team name breaks my balls! Check out his nut cracker team however:

sct leagues in top 500

SCT LoEC #3 – 298

SCT Contributors – 330

Sledgers League – 338

SCT LoEC #1 – 446

Not gonna lie, we’re eating ass at the moment. Nowhere near the usual representation we have in the Top 500. Get on it, fools!

Also, we’re keeping track of both SCT Official and community-run leagues. So if one of yours is up there and I miss it, let me know. Usually got an eye for em’ as most are longstanding.

Finally, this a weekly piece spotlighting who’s repping SCT and keeping it real, so be sure to check in weekly, get amongst them but also let us know how you’re going.


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2 thoughts on “SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 2”

  1. Dear GoD,
    On behalf of Wighty, who is probably still unconscious from the gratitude, and the outstanding Sledgers League, please be advised we are ranked at 338. (Note: no personal praise enclosed)



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