Poll: The Culling List

Written by JimmyDee on March 27 2024

Today’s poll centres on the many discussions around the players in your team that may be on a tenuous attachment to your team. They include underperforming premos, failed speculative midpricers and rookies slow burning a bit too much.

Treat the players on the list as if they are in your team and prioritise the top three you would punt this week if you could. Players are listed in descending break even order and the BE is listed after their names.

If you feel others should be mentioned, please do so in the comments for a TU/TD mini poll and add some comments for clarification. Thanks.

Pick your top three priorities to trade out this week.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: The Culling List”

  1. Yes Dawson is underperforming but its the early games and soon he will start dominating. So put him on your watchlist to get as his value will drop but it wont be for long



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