SCT Draft Night Recap

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 7 2022

Time to pass the mic over to BeardedBurbler, our long time draft guru and organizer who’s here to recap what was an action packed SCT Draft Night:

The official SCT draft was held this week in what was a competitive and engaging event. We had Emile join us from the U.S (4am if you don’t mind!), as well as Shaun & Matt battling internet issues due to the floods.

First pick fell to non-other than SCT’s GD who was tossing up between a gun MID or a RUC. In the end, Grundy it was as there “was huge currency in that position”. The next 4 picks were more predicable with the top MID being snapped up before a RUC rounded out the top 10.

Other notable picks in our 15 round draft included:

* McGrath and Pendles going within the first 4 rounds with potential DPP in sight

* Cunnington & J. Anderson getting picked up in the first half despite health and fitness concerns

* Stringer sliding to Round 6, with Matt nearly missing his next pick due to his over excitement…..

The full first round can be seen below, and we’ll try to get another update up during the bye rounds for those interested.


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11 thoughts on “SCT Draft Night Recap”

    1. Insanely fun, BB. Thanks for organising and putting this little recap together.

      Only let down was Wighty, the traitor, not taking a Bomber with his first pick.


      1. Thanks BB

        Gawn went way to early, but 3 of the first 7 picks were rucks. Understandable in an 18 team league

        The first round, everyone got a pretty decent player. Petracca at 16, can’t complain.


  1. Taking Stringer still has me curled into a ball with the shower running for hours on end. Unlcean!


    1. BB handles all the draft stuff, I just post it for him.

      List of all the picks would be good, just not sure how he’d copy all of the data. There’s a ‘Draft Recap’ tab but looks like it’d have to end up being typed out manually anyway. Hmm.

      I’ll touch base with BB and see what he thinks.

      Thanks, A-Man.


  2. Yeah I think would be great to see how some of the mid tier players are rated by our esteemed coaches. Maybe dumping the data into an excel may be easier.




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