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Written by JimmyDee on March 7 2022

This team has been pretty much the same as version 1 as I usually don’t
play around too much until after the AAMI series and get a better read on players, especially rookies.

Two of the more recent changes were Preuss to Darcy and Duncan to Thomas. I had kept a half mill up my sleeve for the ultimate necessary change, or for a couple of premo upgrades if all else worked. If Duncan hadn’t come up short, he’d still be there, and if Darcy’s injury keeps him out  of R1, he’s an easy flick across to big Max.

Now for a brief rationale underlying my picks:


LLoyd and Crisp should be as good as any of the premos. Dawson could be anything but without a pre season could also be risky. Milera and Hinge are rated boys and both should get a round one guernsey and Sinn satisfies my DPP swing and is a potential R1 player on field. The two rooks may play.
(PS Dean gone will need a change, and upgrading from 102 k hurts a bit).


Everyone will have a minimum 2-3 of these premos with good reason. Berry has been there since day one as my POD but I fear his game in the trial may change that, although it was only against a minimal Crows outfit. JHF and Daicos I think are must haves, and O’Driscoll was also supposed to be a bit of a unique pick but 89 points against a depleted West Coast is still plenty of reason for optimism. Bench is open at this stage.


Self explanatory in trying for a set and forget. Max comes into calculations as well after his monster on the weekend of trials. I was one who thought his output may decrease with the Jackson sharing thing. R3 is the loop with DPP to switch forward if needed.


Like most I expect, this is our troublesome line. Dunkley attended huge CBA numbers against the Bombers and scored like I expected. Thomas was my breakout pick but after only 81 points from 25 disposals and 16 CBAs, I may look at Butters. Cogs is a lock, either as shield or potential keeper. Gresh didn’t do his cause any good and could go, and Curnow could become any of Perkins, Coleman or Brodie depending on my mood and their form after AAMI. I am paying up for Rachele because he will be good!! He looked composed, clean and assured (when Kayo actually let me watch). Hollands and Comben serve as DPP swings for now.

Once teams drop, I will have 111 k to tweak where possible.
Let me know what you agree with, or where you think I might have gone wrong. Cheers everyone and have a great season. Look forward to playing some of you as we go.

*Team Preview scheduled before AAMI


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9 thoughts on “Team Reveal – JimmyDee”

  1. I like the bones of this team, and we won’t really know which rookies play until rd 1 teams are out – however, it looks like hollands, combden, tsitas, parker, odriscoll (maybe), kelly, dean sinn (maybe) all won’t line up round 1.

    I think we might have to pick rookies we don’t want to – gibcus, mccartin, de konning, i think you need to pick ward and stephens in the middle with jhf and daicos. we are all picking Rachele by the looks of it and hinge looks likely to start.
    I’ve got a few of these guys on my bench, it hurts as you have to sacrifice elsewhere with which premiums we select or rolling the dice on two midpricers at the expense of a premo.

    Tough year with cash generation, the closer round 1 comes the more i feel a bit of midpriced madness and jumping off at the right time with extra trades might be how you win it this year


    1. Appreciate your comments CJ84. As mentioned this team is only about draft #3 and hasn’t been tweaked for a few weeks.

      Those rooks certainly look thin with the AAMI nearly done, and Milera only in the twos could create another problem. I haven’t found out yet whether it was for gradual intro or conditioning. Laird’s absence could influence it a bit.

      At this stage Dawson’s lack of game time could see him appear as Short, and McCartin looks to have snuck a spot in the Swans backline.

      Benning has become Hayes in a cash grab to upgrade O’Driscoll to a Stephens or Ward type.

      The total lack of defensive rooks will probably keep the forwards to a mid price madness theory to top up the defence with reliable (??) players on the field, and possibly even leaving Dean on the bench as the loop to play a scoring rook somewhere else.

      The challenge is certainly on but look forward to it.


  2. I like it JD, hard to know how to tweak it at the moment due to the rookies being such an unknown. Structure looks good so just the scramble to look forward to next Wednesday to Friday


  3. Strong side considering you made it pre-AAMI. One admin had to bite the bullet and be first drop lol.

    Built the team well and got 111k to get these expensive rookies in. Ones you appear to be missing that look to be necessary post-AAMI are: Gibcus, P. McCartin (don’t ask how), Ward, Durdin and maybe D. Stephens as well.

    You were onto your boys Hinge and Rachele early, nice.

    Aside from rookies, think your short 1-2 keepers. Maybe considering merging a few midpricers?

    Best of luck, Jim.


  4. We all should take note of your defense theory…..Adelaide will probably see more of it than anyone else………


  5. Aha James – nice, particularly given it was made some time ago – many similar players!

    Now – lets see that tech league side now!!


    1. Might be an old side Macca, but it aint going to be any easier replacing all those without a R1 Guernsey to get a full 29 point scorers !! I think we are all going to struggle with that.

      Tech Team basic structure is there, but the same problem with the playing rookies as the Classic version. Just have to wait for team drops and hope like hell…..


      1. I don’t think there will be as many 123k rookies as 102/117’s.

        But what’s their JS?

        After yesterday I’ve come up with something with more cow like objects than premo rookies.

        And more premo rookies than (1) 123, (1) 117 and (3) 102k rookies combined.

        It just might work, but I’m still not sure if I’ll have 29 playing with 3 102k’ers on the bench.


  6. Team hasn’t aged well.

    Obviously chosen weeks ago and probably looked pretty good at that point.

    But too many players injured or already replaced in coaches round 1 plans now.



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