AAMI Series Game Chat – Fremantle vs West Coast

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 6 2022

Fremantle v West Coast at Optus Stadium, 4.10pm AWST


B: L.Ryan 13 B.Cox 36 A.Pearce 25
HB: H.Young 26 G.Logue 2 J.Clark 6
C: A.Brayshaw 8 W.Brodie 17 L.Henry 23
HF: T.Colyer 33 B.Acres 9 M.Walters 10
F: M.Taberner 20 R.Lobb 37 L.Schultz 5
Foll: S.Darcy 4 C.Serong 3 S.Switkowski 39
I/C: M.Frederick 32 B.Banfield 41 M.Crowden 12 D.Mundy – C 16 H.Chapman 27 N.Wilson 14 E.Hughes 15 L.Meek 22

Emerg: N.O’Driscoll 30 C.Blakely 19 J.Hamling 21 J.Western 34

Notable absentees: Nat Fyfe, Darcy Tucker


B: J.Rotham 35 T.Barrass 37 S.Hurn 25
HB: A.Witherden 23 J.McGovern 20 J.Nelson 30
C: A.Gaff 3 J.Redden 8 L.Foley 29
HF: J.Petruccelle 21 H.Dixon 41 W.Rioli 44
F: L.Ryan 1 J.Kennedy 17 B.Williams 32
Foll: N.Naitanui – C 9 T.Kelly 11 J.Jones 31
I/C: Z.Langdon 7 S.Petrevski-Seton 10 B.Hough 19 X.O’Neill 24 T.Joyce 26 C.West 36 P.Naish 38 C.Jamieson 40

Emerg: I.Winder 22 J.Williams 34 J.Waterman 2 L.Edwards 16

Notable absentees: Dom Sheed, Jamie Cripps, Jack Darling, Oscar Allen, Campbell Chesser, Elliot Yeo, Luke Shuey, Liam Dugga


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29 thoughts on “AAMI Series Game Chat – Fremantle vs West Coast”

  1. Rookies and cow like things! Seriously with all the rookies dropping,we need to look further.

    12 Mitch Crowden $257.3k FWD
    17 Will Brodie $224.3k MID/FWD
    22 Lloyd Meek $263.7k RUC
    23 Liam Henry $228.6k FWD
    32 Michael Frederick $269.8k FWD
    41 Bailey Banfield $233.5k FWD

    West Coast
    19 Brady Hough $117.3k MID
    24 Xavier O’Neil $234.1k FWD/MID
    29 Luke Foley $244.9k DEF
    32 Bailey Williams $218.6k RUC/FWD
    36 Connor West $249.8k FWD
    40 Callum Jamieson $123.9k RUC
    41 Hugh Dixon $102.4k RUC/FWD
    44 Willie Rioli $225.3k FWD


  2. Let’s hope we get some rookies stand up in this one.

    West Coast need play the kids.

    Brodie might just make me look silly. Let’s see if he can run both ways ?

    Want to see Darcy in full flight too..


    1. Hi FT,
      Chapman in the first half-
      16 disposals
      5 intercepts
      4 score involvements
      87.5% efficiency


  3. Hi CT,

    Really appreciate comments and SC score updates.

    Can you post Syd v Nth final SC scores. I can only find fantasy (sorry to blaspheme) on line.


    1. Justin McInerney 127
      Isaac Heeney 113
      James Rowbottom 110
      Tristan Xerri 96
      Jason Horne-Francis 86
      Jake Lloyd 83
      Paddy McCartin 74
      Dylan Stephens 63


    2. Hey T-Rex if you wait usually about 15-20mins after these practice games finish the SC scores come up on fanfooty.


  4. So does anyone have a R3 for $123,900 or under that looks likely to play round 1? Coz with my funds the way they are I’m going to need to put on a sausage sizzle to afford anything higher……


    1. You can run the Preuss, English/Marshall (r/f), Rookie $102k (r/f) triangle of death!

      I’m considering it…


  5. Thanks CT..

    Heath Chapman is firming for D4 in my side. I’ve had my eye on him and he looks set for a big year. I like him more than Bowey so far.

    Ryan looks great as well, he could explode in the first month. Can his upside outweigh the injury risk ?

    Darcy ok after the Lobb knock.

    Whats everyone else’s thought s on Brodie ?


  6. Half Time Supercoach Scores

    Tim Kelly 75
    Heath Chapman 68
    Luke Ryan 57
    Will Brodie 54
    Caleb Serong 50
    Michael Walters 41
    Sean Darcy 32


    1. I’m sure he’ll warm into the season, but can’t see him suddenly flipping the switch on for R1. The question is, whether to blow a trade to get him in in four or five weeks time, or cop a slow pts start and likely a big drop in value – which of course hurts if he gets injured.


  7. How’s Brayshaw looking? They Just managing him til round 1 or is he struggling? Noticed he’s got a low SC score til HT and lower TOG than normal? I Still have hope this is the year he goes 115+ and carries that Fremantle midfield.

    Looking too offload Titch after hearing he had a groin niggle. Now contemplating parish or Brayshaw for M3. Oliver not completely out of the question either but after a slight POD as I really have none and the two above are every chance too finish top 8 – 10 mids. Cheers


    1. If you want to pick Brayshaw Mav don’t be concerned by what’s happening in this game.
      6 mins to go in final quarter and he has worked his way up to 26 disposals off 75% game time.

      Brayshaw is a workhorse so his TOG will go up when the real stuff starts. Also his aerobic gut running always tends to mean he picks up some cheap possies in red time of quarters which can bump his score up.

      The only concern for me on him is that like a number of other mids he is susceptible to the tag. (As I said he isn’t on his own there).

      Also has the last bye so can always offload him then if you really want to upgrade to others.
      I think he is a solid pick.


  8. Final Supercoach Scores

    Tim Kelly 119
    Michael Walters 112
    Luke Ryan 111
    Jordan Clark 103
    Andrew Brayshaw 101
    Caleb Serong 100
    Will Brodie 100
    Sean Darcy 95


    1. Yeah, we’re f*cked. Appalling injury list, ageing side, decimated midfield. Bottom four this year, mark my words.

      FWDs won’t get much service.

      Rioli used to play that linkman role but there’s not much to link up now lol, pass at that elevated price.

      Dixon could still be okay at 102k with DPP. Can sit at F8 and just do 40s provided Darling misses the cut off to return and Allen is still battling.

      Full AAMI report with CBAs and kick ins out soon, Bruce.


    2. Willie Rioli
      Adam Simpson said: “He was a mid pinch-hitter (2 years ago). We just want to get him back to what he did 2 years ago. We started him in the middle tonight just to have a look at it but traditionally he does pinch-hit there.”



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