SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 8

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 10 2022

SCT Coach of the Week

This man does not stop! This week’s SCT Coach of the Week is none other than Dale (Mr Pink on SCT) of Dam Dogs, who is just having a phenomenal season. He’s featured in every SCT Leagues & Coaches update thus far, kicked it up a notch this week with a 2458 and after a steady 200~ rank this week he’s pounced into 56th! Dale’s POD in Houston continues to fire, he’s got a fully finished midfield and is only fielding SDK and Martin as rookies. Genuinely superb work from the Dam Dogs. Get behind him, ladies and gentlemen!

SCT Coaches Top Round 8 Scores

  • Dam Dogs (Dale): 2458
  • HawkaMania (Vineet): 2436
  • Ithaca (Brad): 2435
  • ChurchOfParish@SCT (Isaac): 2434
  • Gunny’s GOAT’s (Clint): 2432
  • LOZZA’S TOP GUNS (Lawrence): 2423
  • G-TrainExpress@SCT (Jake): 2414
  • The Quacks (James): 2409
  • Second22 (Mike): 2403
  • DogsOutWest (Kev): 2402

Obviously the aforementioned Dam Dogs are the talk of the town but 9 other SCT coaches cracked 2400 in what was a down round with 2250~ par for us mere mortals. Ithaca’s no stranger to top tier scores and has re-entered the fray and Mike chalked up another solid round. Shout to Ryan of Lever Wantin Moore who went a touch under 2400 with a strong 2382, boosting him up to 1197. He’s been keeping it real on the site and in Gun’s Regulars for a while and is one of the few astute coaches with Pendles down back. Nicely done, Ryan.

SCT Coaches in the Top 1000

  • Dam Dogs (Dale): 56
  • Treloar and order (Ayden): 229
  • GetOnTheBeers@SCT (Dave): 444
  • Ball kickers (Giancarlo): 506
  • MrSteeleYourMisses (Mitch): 545
  • AGB (Christian): 602
  • USHANE BOLT (Shane): 653
  • I’m Blue Da Doedee (Alex): 653
  • Hotdish@SCT (Zachary): 702
  • NonParishable@SCT (Connor): 708
  • Cardies (James): 771
  • Knumuts (Brien): 806
  • Shepp Screamers (Tyler): 862
  • Bevos Battlers (David): 963

14 SCT Coaches in the Top 1000. Shane and Alex have been right up there from the start, Ayden’s backing it up in the Top 200 and new entrants Giancarlo, Mitch and Zach have made it consecutive weeks being featured. Dave, with one of the best ranks and team names, continues his strong charge and currently stands number one in line for the SCT Group Prize (*cough cash cough) – gotta have “@SCT” to be eligible!

*team name, coach name, OA rank, [SCT Group rank]

SCT Leagues in the Top 500

  • Chillo’s Sanctum: 38
  • ArmChairExpert@SCT: 45
  • SCT vs The World: 46
  • Gun’s Regulars #1: 67
  • SCT #1: 70
  • AFL SCT Legends: 86
  • CattasSCTchallenge: 89
  • SCT LoEC #2: 95
  • SCT Contributors: 109
  • SnapCracklePop@SCT: 121
  • CattasSCTchallenge3: 137
  • CattasSCTchallenge2: 148
  • ThisIsTheEnd@SCT: 163
  • SCT Final Siren: 168
  • Craggy Island: 169
  • SCT LoEC #3: 174
  • Tragics@SCT #1: 179
  • FinalsBound@SCT: 182
  • SCT LoEC #1: 194
  • SCT #2: 209
  • Fantasy Fields: 229
  • SCT Millionaires: 255
  • SCT #5: 305
  • Walshing Matilda: 306
  • I love SC@SCT: 327
  • With Danger 1 @SCT:  353
  • Gun’s Regulars #2: 380
  • SCT #3: 386
  • Boys Game @SCT: 387
  • Tragics@SCT #2: 430
  • Tragics@SCT #3: 433

A bit of a tumble for ArmChairExpert@SCT, Craggy Island and a few other of our stronger leagues but a bunch of Chillo’s have kept us in good stead; chief among them Chillo’s Sanctum at 38th. All of Catta’s long time and esteemed leagues are deeply into the Top 500, FT’s Tragics are still battling and all of our official leagues are living up to the SCT name. Oh, and *ahem* Gun’s Regulars #1 rolling deep at 67th. To the Contribs League, tech league buddies JimmyDee, Chips Ahoy! and Macca top scored with 2300s and grabbed the W’s, CT laid the smack down on Thommo by 160 and despite the C on Steele Dane put away Chillo in the closest match of the round by 30 points. Accordinly, Dane leads the league with 5-1 and a 1800 rank and the rest of the league is pretty tight with the glaring exception of FT and I at 4 points on the bottom of the ladder!

*if I’ve missed any SCT Leagues in the Top 500, official or community run, let me know

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7 thoughts on “SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 8”

  1. 45th! Bit of a tumble for my league. Hopefully make some ground this round…. Onwards and upwards!


    1. Sorry King Max I think that is mostly my fault! Having the worse year ever (normal finish around 1,000 rank) and coping some bad luck, bad choices and moving house on the weekend didn’t help. Ridley why?? But I will keep trying.
      Strangly I’m in 5 leagues inside top 100 and another 3 inside top 400 even though my rank is disgraceful 45,231!
      Apologises to everyone in every league I’m in. Going to trade hard and try to improve as quickly as I can. LeapingLizards@SCT


      1. No need to apologise!
        We are only a third of the way thru the season.
        I had a horror season 2 years ago. Fell to 50,000th and clawed my way back to 5,000th.
        Your luck will come and welcome aboard.


  2. Thanks GD – I’d be dangerous if I could get a captain’s choice right. Haven’t hit a decent one since J-Mac in round 5. Thinking of taking a risk with trades this week – maybe a necessary one given my average looking Round 12 bye structure – anyway I really appreciate the writeup and all the work you guys do on here 🙂 Also you got any thoughts on D. Cameron..? Sliding doors moment this week I reckon… boom or bust


    1. No worries. Least we could do in recognition of such a strong early rank.

      Yeah, Cameron’s tricky. Will score well and make coin as #1 ruck but you’re consigning yourself to a 2nd trade – as soon as Grundy’s back Cameron will have to go.

      I guess if you back yourself to have that 2nd trade, then Cameron can absolutely work. Solid for 90-100.

      Yeah, captaincy been tricky. Lot of premo MIDs not sinking their teeth into soft kills. Should be easier this week, article out tmmrw.

      Props again, Dale!



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