SCT Leagues Update – Round 12

Written by The Salamander on August 18 2020

I’ve done my best to keep track of the leagues that were created here, but occasionally one will slip through the crack. If you happen to know of a league in or around the top 500 that started here on SCT that isn’t listed below, let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the list.

SCT Leagues in the top 500:

SCT LoEC1: 45
CattaSCTchallenge3: 65
CattaSCTchallenge2: 67
SuperCoachTalk 3: 79
BeatTheSalamander4: 91
SCT LoEC2: 93
Pound the Priest: 95
The Fantasy Fiends: 123
BeatTheSalamander: 129
SCT LoEC3: 136
SuperCoachTalk 4: 156
I love SC@SCT: 188
SCTAllStars: 195
Gun’s Regulars: 200
ScPressurePoint$$$: 207
Leeuwin League 2: 213
Supercoach Battle: 234
SnapCracklePop@SCT: 264
WeLuvF.U.R.L: 279
SCTMillionsClub: 282
ProspectusMeNow!: 286
Rock the Casboult: 316
Allsorts: 327
SuperCoachTalk 2: 331
GoGetMyProspectus!: 387
Dunkin Donuts: 389
The Tragics @SCT: 399
B-Harvs SCT League: 426
The Desk: 482
SuperCoachTalk 6: 483
Champs: 497
Last Minute Guns: (502)
SCT Contributors: (536)
Dhu Bangers: (551)
Kick a**league@SCT: (575)
Supercoach Sweats: (593)


Meanwhile, the top 10 of the official SCT Group is as follows:


Keep up the good work, coaches!


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5 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Round 12”

  1. I was wondering what happened to Mott’s score in such a big scoring round, woops! May i ask who you mean by Sainters passing Death Adder? Sorry havent been online much


      1. Thanks GD, i found the article in the search. I havent been on much since lockdown but yeah i thought that was what Adder might have been alluding to and worst fears realised. Couple of months ago now but All saints was such a fantastic contributor to this site, shared many a great SC chat with him over the last few years and will be sorely missed.



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