SCT Leagues Update – Round 18

Written by The Salamander on September 22 2020

I’ve done my best to keep track of the leagues that were created here, but occasionally one will slip through the crack. If you happen to know of a league in or around the top 500 that started here on SCT that isn’t listed below, let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the list.

38 SCT Leagues finished in the top 500:

SCT LoEC2: 69
SCT LoEC1: 72
Pound the Priest: 85
CattaSCTchallenge2: 86
The Fantasy Fiends: 88
SuperCoachTalk 3: 93
CattaSCTchallenge3: 97
SuperCoachTalk 4: 122
SCTAllStars: 127
SCT LoEC3: 132
BeatTheSalamander: 134
I love SC@SCT: 136
ScPressurePoint$$$: 137
Gun’s Regulars: 169
Rock the Casboult: 170
WeLuvF.U.R.L: 177
Leeuwin League 2: 187
BeatTheSalamander4: 189
Supercoach Battle: 208
ProspectusMeNow!: 220
SuperCoachTalk 2: 231
The Tragics @SCT: 257
GoGetMyProspectus!: 294
SnapCracklePop@SCT: 302
SCTMillionsClub: 328
Still learning SC: 352
SlushFun(d)@SCT: 363
Champs: 373
ArmChairExpert@SCT: 387
Dhu Bangers: 388
Allsorts: 389
Last Minute Guns: 418
SCT Contributors: 434
B-Harvs SCT League: 436
CattasSCTchallenge: 450
Winner Takes All: 452
SCT Abroad: 475
Supercoach Sweats: 485
Division 1: (515)
SuperCoachTalk 8: (526)
SuperCoachTalk 6: (554)


Meanwhile, the final top 10 of the official SCT Group is as follows:


We finished up with 9 SCTers in the overall top 100, including 5 inside the top 30, with Yiorgakis finishing an incredible 3rd overall. 


Well done to everyone who finished high up in the rankings, and best of luck to everybody for next year!


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8 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Round 18”

  1. Proud to be in six of those with Cattas 2 at the top end and Contributors at 434. Apologies that I may have dragged them down a bit when I missed two rounds earlier, but will be rapt to get another crack and do better next year.


    1. Thanks for organising Tech league Jimmy Dee.. I will try to assist MBuzz a bit more in 2021. I didn’t realise that I you were in Catta’s challenge 2 league . Strong league and 1 of the only leagues I didn’t make finals . Well done to all . Stay safe .


      1. No worries bud, do it all again next year, already working on a theme to set the challenge.

        On the other note, sure is a strong league that can have the likes of Nato, Macca, Chillo, Schwartz (and of course the Circus lol) to name a few off the top of my head, miss the eight.


  2. Thanks to Yiorgi for getting LOEC2 to the top of the leaderboard! (and the rest of us for doing just enough)


  3. Hoping we can see the resumption of a few of the other awards next season – SCT Brownlow Comp, SCT Knockout Cup, especially when our own teams are going to crap, it’s great to have some other competition to look forward to. With the amount of hours I spend on the site throughout the season, I’m happy to put my hand up to run something, even if its something new?



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