SuperCoachTalk Prizes – 2020 Winners

Written by Huttabito on September 23 2020

Back in February before the season kicked off, Motts announced all the prizes up for grabs this year.

Without further ado… we must first congratulate long-term SuperCoachTalk member Yiorgakis, coach of The Phat Side @SCT for finishing overall 3rd. Not only did he win a cool $1,000 for his efforts, he also won the “SCT Group” prize, valued at $300. This award goes to the highest ranked person who sports “@SCT” in their team name in the official SuperCoachTalk (820497) group.

At the start of the season, I put a shout out and accepted applications for coaches to join our most elite run leagues, The League of Extraordinary Coaches. These leagues were ranked (1, 2 & 3) and pitted the highest ranked SuperCoachTalk members from 2019 against each other. The winners of each league, all pocketing some hard earnt cash – $100 for the LoEC1 champion and $50 for the remaining 2 champions. Congratulations to the winners:

LoEC1 Champion – GeordieDemolition (Seb)
LoEC2 Champion – JDavey (Jackson)
LoEC3 Champion – S Pendlebury (John)

JimmyDee took on the role of organising and running the annual Tech League Team where members can sign up with an alternative account (using a partner, pet or childs details) and take on one another. Only catch, everyone must all start the the exact same team for Rd1. From there, the rest of the season is up to you. The 2020 winner was Macca *cough* I mean, MrsMacca, who has earnt herself $250 for her troubles. If Macca askes nicely, he may get to see some of it.

So, a big congratulations to all who walked away with slightly heavier pockets. If you are a winner, you will need to contact SuperCoachTalks finest, Motts, to arrange payment. Email him at  motts at supercoachtalk dot com and he will get to back to you when he has a break in preparing quiz questions!

Thank you all for a great season and I hope to see you all again in 2021!



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6 thoughts on “SuperCoachTalk Prizes – 2020 Winners”

  1. Well done again Yiorgi, it’s great to see one of our own competing for the main prize. Let’s hope you can go 2 better next year!


  2. Well done Yiorgakis!!

    It is an honour to be included in any of the LoEC leagues and an even greater honour to win one. This years win in LoEC3 is received with pride and humility. I still have a pair of blundstone boots won from this competition from 2015 that are a prized trophy. I might have to get Motts to send me a cheque so that I can get it framed as a reminder.

    Thanks to all at SCT.


      1. Also loved the Blundstones that I won many years ago…..another loss for our SCT Team, before the passing of All Saints this season. Geez I missed his wisdom this year…


  3. congrats to all the winners of these talented leagues ,and are they loaded with some great coaches,Never seen so many top rated players at a site . Hope to join some next year. NDD



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