SCT Leagues Update – Round 2

Written by The Salamander on March 29 2021

I’ve done my best to keep track of the leagues that were created here, but occasionally one will slip through the cracks, especially early in the year. If you happen to know of a league in or around the top 500 that started here on SCT that isn’t listed below, let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the list.

SCT Leagues in the Top 500:

Pound The Priest: 46
SCT LoEC1: 77
Fyfe is Life: 103
CattaSCTchallenge3: 107
BBL SCT LOEC #1: 114
Huttas Showdown: 127
The Neale Deal: 160
Gun’s Regulars #1: 210
CattaSCTchallenge2: 214
SCT Heroes: 238
SCT LoEC2: 285
The Fantasy Fiends: 286
Jock Cheeseman@SCT: 302
Chillos Playground: 381
Gun’s Regulars #2: 394
@SCT Talkers: 430
CattasSCTchallenge: 454
Supercoach Battle: 458
The Looney Mooneys: 466
SCT Contributors: (540)
SCT LoEC3: (548)
GameOnGrinter SCT: (554)

Meanwhile, the top 10 of the SCT Group is as follows:



Keep up the good work, coaches.


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6 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Round 2”

  1. Great work Salamander with the League updates!

    The BBL SCT LOEC #1 had a great round jumping from #500 to #114.

    I have another League that you could add if you like Salamander which was set up by Nathan Scoble who has contributed on the site with write ups and stats for BBL SuperCoach in the past.

    Co site leader Hutta is in the League as well as SCT Hall of Fame Legends Catta and I.

    The League is called Twittisphere which is ranked #100 overall.


  2. TalksCheapSosYaMrs (404107) is in exactly 500th spot.

    TalksCheapSosYaMum (973545) is in 889th.



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