The Maulers – An Update

Written by Motts on March 29 2021

The Maulers didn’t have a relatively good week. With the top score for the round being 2,558 and 2,300’s everywhere you looked, my boys were only able to scrape together 2,160.

There’s a few culprits I’m pointing the finger at. Saad (still a POD but no longer beautiful), Daniel, Taranto, and Cripps are chief among them.

Down to 147th overall. Trades this week likely to be:

  • Dow -> Warner
  • Cripps -> Oliver

Give ’em strength.


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9 thoughts on “The Maulers – An Update”

    1. Just personal preference, mate. Really liked the look of Warner’s 92. May change my mind over the coming days.

      Should also mention my trades last week were as I flagged on Monday:
      Henry -> Powell
      Dangerfield -> Mitchell


        1. I just made those trades and came back to find this comment so yes there IS a way I would consider them. Dow -> Warner and Bruhn -> Jordon left me with a healthy $228,300 in the bank.


  1. Went looking for you on the leaderboards last night to find you only 3 points above me!

    Like said already on here, I’m all for the duel rookie correction for this squad!

    Cripps does look off though, you’d expect a lift when the true winter hits and the wet games are more prevalent but jeez he’s not suited to this style of footy. Walsh on the other hand <3


  2. Crippa is on daily injections for a mystery injury – Headline i read – didn’t read the story, just another reason Blues are not going to win many. In saying that you can’t go wrong with Oliver, good luck motts, wanna swap teams? Give you a challenge I’m 90k overall and suck



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