SCTTL 2013 – There Can Be Only One

Written by Motts on September 3 2013

So the SCTTL Grand Final was played over the weekend between DeeZNutZ coached by Dee and DD’s Dilemma coached by DD (that’s a lot of D’s).

The final result was………drum roll………..

DeeZNutZ scored 2,218.

DD’s Dilemma scored 2,262.

I’m happy to declare DD our SCTTL champion for 2013! He will shortly be added to the illustrious list of names that adorn the walls of the SCT Hall of Fame. I’m really happy for DD. Having met the guy a few months ago over in Adelaide I can tell you that it couldn’t have been won by a nicer bloke. And if you’re ever in Kent Town, do drop past his missus’ joint, The Tin Cat Cafe, for a mug of joe.

It was a tough loss for Dee given his dominance of SCTTL this year. Even at the end, no-one was anywhere near his cumulative point total but unfortunately that’s the way the game gets played: it all comes down to that one day in September. No doubt Dee’ll be back amongst it again next year. A better player for this stinging experience.

Thanks to everyone who played SCTTL with us again this year. Looking forward to another go-round with y’all in 2014.



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4 thoughts on “SCTTL 2013 – There Can Be Only One”

  1. Wow. Shocked with the win as a few players had a poor scores in the gf and having not seen the opposition line up I had no idea how Dee had fared. Commiserations and well played to Dee who would have won easily if it was on total points.
    A serious amount of luck involved in this win. I feel like Steven Bradbury.
    Thanks Motts for running this comp and to those who organised the leagues.
    Your mid price madness starting team certainly made it entertaining and a bit of a lottery.
    Cheers for the plug Motts. Let us know if your in town, I’ll get the staff to look after “FANTASY MAN”


  2. Gah, great way to start me Tuesday Mottsy! Thanks again SCT fellas for hosting such a great comp, great site with great advice from great contributers = great fun.

    Speakin of great, congrats double D’s *shakes hand*, enjoy the braggin rights for now. I’ll def be back next year to give it another crack!!


  3. Gr8 effort to both of you, well done!

    I had the pleasure of watching DeezNutZ go about it this season as I was in the same SCTTL league, respect to you Dee……you were awesome in the overall accumulative points side of things!



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