SCTTL End of Byes Review

Written by JimmyDee on June 20 2021

Some of the bigger scorers in this week’s edition of Tech Leagues would be in the upper echelons of the normal leagues. R & J Bombers unbelievably had 19 on the park and only dropped Mitch Duncan’s 10 to finish with 1774 to ensure a rapid climb up the ranks.

Not that far behind on 1762 was the Wiley Father D’s AFLW team, All Nuns, which will ensure a climb up from ninth.

Rounding out the top five were Mutley Tech (1629); Hello There (1609) for what I believe is a first mention in the weekly dispatches. Coach “General” (is that you Sal)? planned well for this week. Equal fifth on 1590 were the ever consistent 2Ezy@sct and Cam’s Mrs 34. Well played in a severely tough round where 776 points played out at the bottom rung of this week’s ladder, in a potential sign of “lost Interest” v “Fixed Interest” for the rest of the season.

Grace’s League leader Ninius dropped a few hundred points to the top end of teams to fall four spots, but I’m sure Kirstie will help out with some extra coaching duties this week. After a rapid climb towards the top lately, The Phil Gilbert AllStars dropped a couple of hundred points in what wasn’t  a set back. Pending available trades, Barrie may hang on to second possie.

R & J Bombers and All Nuns leapt into the top five, can they stay there?

How many trades do we have left after the horror of the bye rounds? Do you think your team can maintain its place on the ladder? Chuck in some comments and share your views.


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5 thoughts on “SCTTL End of Byes Review”

  1. Almost respectable 1471 this week with 15 players. Traded in Simpkin and could have had 17 but forgot/ran late and missed my last two trades (Heeney/Rowe to Langford/Bramble). Given I rose a couple of spots, those trades look like being better off saved for next week.

    Team is crap anyhow and with only a half dozen trades, can’t catch up to the guns at the top, although I will still keep trying like a crazy person.


  2. Started the bye rounds at around 2.1k overall – set a goal to get inside the top 1000 after the byes were over.
    Navigated it with trade ins of Mills, Stewart, Whitfield and Parish. 1st bye +600 rank spots, 2nd bye +400 rank spots and 3rd bye +400 rank spots. Now sitting at 600 odd overall. 7 Trades with 2 FWD upgrades left. Danger next week after one more week of eye testing and a little extra cash drop.


  3. Hmmm….who to get for Duncan……
    …..was about to jump at Neale, but he will be tagged by Guthrie….
    Yep, Tagging is back…..may need to look at the No.2 ranks to fill spots. Any thoughts?????


    1. Guthrie or O’Connor, either way could be a fizz.

      I’ve got Danger, Neale and Whitfield to get if all goes right, and it still leaves me with the Buckleys, Phillips and Rowes of the world on the field.

      Jelly out possibly will hurt me as well Chamo but I reckon you could look at Simpkin if you don’t have him.



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