SCTTL : Round 11 Review

Written by JimmyDee on May 26 2024

Seven of the Techies blitzed round 11 to score over 2400 and be ranked in the top 1% for the round. What a resounding shout out for skilled trading over the first eleven weeks of a tough SuperCoach season so far.

Top of the heap this week was George’s alter ego, Nicole and The Phat Side SCTTL with a monster 2475 after dropping the “C” on Big Max following a failed Serong “VC”.

Second was Tom’s alter ego Emma with Tortured Tech who decided to accept the nice 132 of Luke Ryan “VC” and missed a potential 48 points on their way to an also massive score of 2466. However, always the safe play TT.

Third was Chris’ Running Bares which scored 2447 after rejecting a safe 135 from the Bont “VC” and gambling it all on Max Gawn. Sometimes they pay off, but as the betting apps adverts state, “you lose more”, but well done on climbing up four places.

Rounding out the top seven with only six points (2416 to 2410) between the four coaches were in order; Andrew’s Team, Shorty’s Snipers, Snuz’s Shredders by Nancy, Luke ‘s alter ego Barrys’ The Jumper Punchers and Barries’ Thanx Gus Brayshaw.

I calculate that if the teams drop as expected (don’t even know what that means), I should have 21 warm bodies for the start of the bye rounds next week. How many do you anticipate your team will have, let us know in the poll below.

How many warm bodies do you anticipate on field during round 12 ?

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