SCTTL : Round 24 and Season Review

Written by JimmyDee on August 27 2023

It’s not often a newbie can join the SCTTL and take out the title in their first year, but Brad Reid’s YeeterTECH@SCT did just that this year with a fantastic overall ranking of 9669. Yeeter wasn’t in the money this round, falling a couple of hundred points below the top scorers for the final week, but managed to hang on by 43 points to take out the title of Tech League coach of the year. We’ll be in touch to sort out out your trophy, Brad.

Past champions, Chips Ahoy! (2772) and David Johnson Rules (2751) posted this week’s big  scores to leap up to second and third spots respectively. A further seven coaches posted some significant scores to finish the season, in what turns out to be a little too late.

Kennedy’s Lost Lands (2725), Greg’s Champs Chumps (2723), Chrisso’s Cirque du Sore Legs (2720), Barrie’s Wet Dogs (2672), Ash’s Cripps Walk@SCT (2664), last year’s winner Nathan with Abel’s Axes@SCT (2661) and my lovely wife’s very own Fixed Interest (2652) were the only teams to score above 2600 in what may give us that boost of confidence to return to the fore next year and go one or two better.

For some of us, way too late to make a difference but I’m hoping we all had such a great competition that we will be back to strive for bigger and better again next year. This year was the biggest comp yet with three full leagues, and given the number of newbies pushing up the ladder and having success, I’m hoping it will inspire more of the wonderful folk on our site to have a crack at next years Tech League. Thanks for playing and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2024.


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9 thoughts on “SCTTL : Round 24 and Season Review”

  1. Congratulations Brad, you were well ahead for a long time so well deserved. I’m happy with top 5, hopefully go 4 better next season!

    Thanks JimmyDee for organising and the updates, looking forward to the starting team you cook up next season, have a great summer all.


  2. I’ve tried posting a few times this morning, but hasn’t worked.

    Thanks JimmyDee for organising the comp and keeping us all updated! Great job.

    Thank the footy gods that the season is over, Chips would’ve caught me next round I think!

    Doch and Macrae out definitely he me worried….thank you bench players for doing the job.

    Next years plan, trade early and trade hard!


  3. Very happy with my 4th position, it’s the best I’ve done since starting playing Tech league. My tech side almost beat my normal overall SC side aha

    Congratulations to the top 3 & especially Brad for taking out the crown. Cheers JimmyDee for running the comp once again & I’ll be back next year to see Lost Lands to take it out…..if I can save a trade somewhere aha


  4. Great work this year, Jimmy Dee, and well done, Brad! My tech league side finished higher than my cash league team which tells you a lot about my year. I’ll be back in 2024 to have another crack!


  5. Had a great first year. Finished 20th with a late surge that was soiled by injuries. And only 1000 points from Top 10 finish (only 2%). Have learned a lot and will not waste some of this trades in haste. I’ll be back.


  6. Thanks Jimmy
    Really enjoyed the tech league and can’t wait to do it again next year.
    Hopefully I can improve on this year’s result .
    Congrats to the winner.
    A score I can only dream about


  7. Another fantastic season, thank you JimmyDee and well done Brad.
    Personally it just didn’t work for me this year, but I enjoyed the ride anyway.
    Roll on next year.


  8. Always an enjoyable competition to compete in, where you have to like make some more unusual trades and risks.
    Just missed the screenshot finishing 19th in the group.
    Can’t wait to see what type of team we will have to start with next year



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