SCTTL Round 9

Written by JimmyDee on May 12 2024

We had eight teams crack the 2400 mark for round 9, including the bottom ranked player in a resounding display that shows anyone can crack it in any given week. Keep on trucking everyone.

At the top of the tree this week was Barrie with his team Thanx Gus Brayshaw smacking out 2473 with a team that scored thirteen tons with a couple of handy pod scores from JHF and Dawson. Moves up three places to 17th.

In second place this week the ever reliable Krispy with her Krispyk team putting up a great score of 2459 which included fourteen players who tonned up. Moves up seven places to top eight, well done.

The next, and last on the podium, is a first for my lovely wife Carolyn and her team Fixed Interest. First time I’ve felt relevant in this league ever and a score of 2445 moves me into 11th and my highest rank since starting Tech League (cue in applause) way back when !!

Fourth is ol’ mate TT with his Totured Tech Team and score of 2439 which leapfrogs Cripps Walk Tech and into second overall in a very tight competition. Fifth is the All Nuns team this week. FD scored 2430 and is consolidated in the top ten.

The whole top ten in the Tech League is ranked in the top 10k overall in a great advertisement for this competition and the quality of coaches and their ability to trade wisely, if not sparingly, to create a serious competition.


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4 thoughts on “SCTTL Round 9”

  1. My tech side is a good 10k ahead of my regular team, nuts really, but margins are small this early and nice to be in with a shot.

    what’s everyone’s plans for this week?


    1. Me too TC, next year I might not bother with pre-season research and add my tech team in classic too!

      Will probably wait on teams but likely a one up/one down depending on rookies. I’m out of boosts so will be playing a more traditional game from now on!

      Also, just noticed the team name Butts Stuff, good work Emile. Made me laugh on a chilly Monday morning.


      1. Yep, one up and one down (premo and rookie) for me this week too.
        Only have about 6 premos and 4 rookies to pick from don’t we ….Arrrrgh!!! LOL


        1. Looking along those lines as well, but trying to nail down premiums is a challenge this year. Feel a lot more freedom to roll the dice in the tech team, probably why I enjoy the format so much.



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