SCTTL: Tech League Entries

Written by JimmyDee on March 10 2022

Tech League is back, and last year’s winner Chips Ahoy has submitted his draft team and it’s a team that should pique your interest and encourage you to have a go against many of the site regulars and top players.

Invitations have been sent all last year’s participants with more than 70% confirmation at this point. Check out the invites at the bottom of the post.

For any newbies, a quick summary of SCTTL as follows:

Basically, everyone who joins a Tech League will start with the exact same 30 players supplied through the site and will not be allowed to trade until after round one. Any differences in team’s structure will only be through choice of captain or who to sit on the bench or who’s loopholed. Essentially it’s a side competition where everyone starts on an equal footing. Apart from that, it’s the same rules as your normal team, but with more intricate strategy, and results will be posted every week.

Now, speaking of normal teams, the boffins don’t allow participants to have more than one entry in SuperCoach. To overcome this (especially if you are a serious contender for outright honours), a separate email address and name must be used, eg wife, grandma, pet bullfrog or even a work address and pen name. Team names can mirror Classic teams, but not email addresses.

As most of last year’s participants have confirmed their entries we are good to go, but the more the merrier so anyone, especially any newbies who wish to express an interest in the “percentage ownership” themed team with a max of two per side, (unless drastic lack of rookies), email me a quick note to jimmydee at supercoachtalk dot com with your name, site moniker and team name.  I’ll get back to you with a group code, league code and final team screen shot to input before Round 1.

Jump on board and test your skill by starting on the same page as everyone else, it’s fun and much more strategically interesting than Classic.


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3 thoughts on “SCTTL: Tech League Entries”

  1. I strongly suggest getting a real human to let you use their real email address which you do not have accesses to when creating a tech league team. Then you are really managing someone else’s team and not just having a sock puppet. I don’t know that the SC admins would take $50k away from someone for having a tech league team, but why take the risk? I’m not eligible for the $50k because I live outside Australia, and I still do this, just in case.


  2. …..and to add to what FD suggests, make sure they read the group numbers forwarded to them correctly, because once they realize they have read a 9 as a 0 and logged into the wrong group and then tried to delete it, have become locked/blocked from re entering again……..
    …..PS Hence my lateness JimmyDee


  3. Oh boy Oh boy oh boy … this is by far the best comp to be involved in, in SC! Really tests your decision making and game knowledge when you all start the same!



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