SCTTL: Tech League Update

Written by JimmyDee on March 17 2021

Only four spots to create record Tech numbers, fancy one of them?

SCT Tech League team will be announced later tonight, with all those signed up pretty keen to see what I’ve served up for them.

A few of our regulars have thrown up some ideas and coincidently they align with my plans this year, the Three Rs. That’s Rejects, Recycles and Rookies, meaning basically a side selected on the theme of having been turfed out of a club and picked by another to continue their career.

Obviously rookies are rookies anywhere and we will have the same issues of which ones are selected given the 24 hour selection notice. However we will have to deal with potentially more carnage as our team is set tonight and no rolling lockout to utilise. That’s where the creativity comes into it.

I’ve already let slip that Lachie Neale will give us a great captaincy option each week, and nine players scored tons last week, but the balance of this team relies on a few more mid pricers to counteract the possible lack of rookies selected.

So, what about it folk, have we got just four more players out there to take us on, and who do you reckon makes it into the side?

Please email JimmyDee at SuperCoachTalk dot com to fill those last spots and help us create a SCT record this season.


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8 thoughts on “SCTTL: Tech League Update”

  1. I can’t wait for this! At least they are naming rookies to debut way before game day which is a benefit for us


  2. You’re right there Nato. Can’t Thank Chaos Theory enough for all the info he throws our way. Is his name really Steve Hocking?


      1. Hang on, which Baz.?? I have Baz and Barrie. Do I have your email or are you brand new? Send me your email address to the above address to confirm I have you on the list. If not I can send all the details to your supplied email. Cheers


  3. Boy oh boy that’s an interesting team! 9 players under 4% ownership but above 200k in price! This is going to be a real fascinating start on who will hold their spot in the team or who is gone Sunday night when Rd 1 is over



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