Season Must Haves & Luxury Upgrades

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 8 2023

The byes represent a key period in every coaches’ SuperCoach season. First, it marks the mid point of the season from which the Top 6/8 lines can be assessed and must haves clearly inferred. Second, the increased trading capacity allows for coaches to upgrade at higher pace, swing some sideways moves and get their team in order. Finally, by their conclusion, you really should be a full premium and a full premium which includes the competition’s obvious must haves. Who are these must haves? Let’s kick off our Thursday, the best day of the week, by finding out.


Baked In: It really doesn’t matter what Nick DAICOS (119.7, 74.1%) scores every week. In fact, given how many casual coaches defer to him as VC/C you’d probably prefer he just steadies at at 120~. He’s now moved on ball and is developing his contested game and direct scoreboard impact, which is great to watch. If you didn’t have him by the first quarter of the season you weren’t playing SC.

Essential Workers: Can’t fault teams for not having Tom STEWART (110.5, 24.9%) and James SICILY (111.4, 26.7%) given one went out injured early and the other has just started to cook with gas. Especially in the context of the DEF freebies we got in Ziebell and Sheezel (more on them later), DEF upgrades weren’t really a priority amongst those early upgrades – and, again, not everyone was in a position to get them when they were available. Make no mistakes however, they are both must haves heading into the bye. Stewart has another 6 games at GMHBA, where he goes off tap, operates with uncanny economy and is going to be available for the Round 14 and 15 byes. The Hawks competitive steel has tempered a little and they’re now putting Sicily as the 3rd DEF or as an outright spare, so he too will continue to punish non-owners. You’ll need both, figure it out.

Stalking Horses: You’ll then need 1 or 2 of Jack SINCLAIR (100.3, 17.8%), Jake LLOYD (102.5, 8.1%) and Luke RYAN (110.7, 21.5%) as Top 6 stalking horses who, in good form, can press the right side of 105. They’re all coming off their bye at reasonable prices (none over 530k) and are clear trade ins on both bye relief and scoring merit. Form and role favours Lloyd at the moment and Sinclair to is a known quantity. Freo have drifted from the modus vivendi that allowed Ryan to pop off early but he’s really the sleeper that, if those scoring conditions (over-possesion, high volume of D50 entry concessions) re-materialize, can really do some damage.

Facilitators: The saturation of HB users has murdered Jack ZIEBELL (101.9, 31.9%) and Harry SHEEZEL (96.7, 76.0%). As their ownership starts to shift you will be punished by their down scores. Zieb can go first given his got a bit more cash in him and is at half the ownership of Sheezel. Sheezel can score well up the ground but, yeah, those bruise three 30+ touch games are over. Shout out to Phil who moved him on a few weeks ago pre-emptively. We won’t relitigate Will DAY (90.2, 21.4%). Been a real disappointment given how great his role is as a full time MID; just too uncaring and uncontested with his use and now one that can facilitate a step to a must have if you need it.


Baked In: If you didn’t start Marcus Bontempelli (126.4, 51.7%), which now seems like such an easy proposition at 600k, then 2023 has been an uphill battle for you. He’s P1, in Brownlow form and has barely seen any tags. Had a quieter month, including two weeks of niggles, but still ultra serviceable during that time. He and the Dogs know his playstyle and immense workrate probably isn’t sustainable for 23 games plus finals, but even if the wheels do fall off the damage is done. That reality and his price does make it a touch iffy if you are looking to sell the farm, end the pain and finally bring him in however. Similarly, the ceiling and scoring profile of Jordan DAWSON (116.9, 47.2%) make him a must have too. Just goes nuts at AO when up against opponents who give him space and time to go at 90%+ DE by foot. At a great price on the back of some less than ideal match conditions over the last month and one you should be jumping on right now.

Essential Worker: The highest 3RD average MID Zach MERRETT (112.7, 19.5%) is also presenting as a must have after a quiet, tag affected start to the season. Elevation to captain and the arrival of Brad Scott have really given him a hard edge, translating to previously uncharacteristic contested and score involvement work. What’s also key to him being a must have for the season’s second half is his fixture: he gets West Coast and North again, a lumbering Carlton this week and barely leaves Victoria. Get on board.

Season Shaper: Now this is will be critical: Clayton OLIVER (124.7, 24.5%). Satan. Clarry, Clarinet, Olive Oil include other passable nicknames permitted in departures from Satan. Nomenclature aside, not finishing with him in your side could shape as total punishment. He copped a fat hold from a lot of owners and should be back against the Pies, who he does fantastic against, this week despite an infection issue. We always knew he’d be M1 season long and it’s fully within him to see out the year at 125-130. With that aforementioned fat hold from many owners plus incoming trade ins over the next month, he’ll round at the year at 35-40% ownership. Could be fatal to not have him. The quick recovery from the hamstring injury that sidelined him tempers concerns about season long durability, which is nice.

Cherries: Christian PETRACCA (120.9, 19.0%) and Tom LIBERATORE (116.0, 7.5) then come in as cherry on top finishing picks. Steep prices, so great job if you’ve got either of them as they’ve been under the radar sensational this year and PICs to Bont and Satan. Petracca, in particular, has worked out a lot of those inconsistent erratic sub tons out of his game.

Facilitators: Given the amount of DPP we’ve got this season you can pretty much get any of Day, Sheezel, Ziebell, your FWDs or even the GWS MIDs to any of these must haves.


Baked In: We’ve all got Rowan MARSHALL (110.5, 50.5%). His built into the form, scoring and ruck ranking position we all expected him to. He’ll drop a big one against Port this week so continue to enjoy the ride.

Essential Worker: Said from the start of the season that in full flight Tim ENGLISH (125.7, 47.3%) is R1 – and he reminded us all why last week with a 156 after a quieter past month. In fact, he’s #2 OA on total points and average in at the moment. Won’t cost you that much to get to chop in Tingles and will save you getting caned by him as a reverse POD in the rankings each week. Just such a danger when in full flight with baseline HO economy and then supreme around the ground work. Pretty much want/need to finish with him and RoMo.

Season Shaper: Kieran BRIGGS (113.0, 13.9%) is doing absolute work as the Giants’ #1 ruck and has done so against some quality engine room and direct ruck opponents in the Cats, Saints and Tigers. He was an absolute must have cow last week and will bail out a lot of sides in the quest to full premo. He earns the categorization as a season shaper given a potential capacity on field as R2. On his current form and scoring it’s practicable but would be a quite a swing season long. One that will undoubtedly net immediate gains for some teams though.

Facilitators: Max GAWN (90.8, 7.8%) is just in too confining a split with Grundy one that can and should make way for Tingles, even Briggs, on field.


Baked In: Josh DUNKLEY (119.5, 69.4%) and Tim TARANTO (117.3, 63.5%) are basically premo midfielders that will warrant outright consideration as MIDs next year and then Errol GULDEN (105.8, 50.8%) and Connor ROZEE (106.0, 49.9%) have been livewire autopicks.

Value Town: The value presented by these pair of Camerons make atleast one of them must haves. Darcy CAMERON (96.0, 5.9%) has made a muted but steady return with week on week increases in TOG and a remeshing with the Collingwood midfield and FWD chop out structure. If he gets back to his early season numbers at $458.8k the trade pretty much makes itself. Jeremy CAMERON (98.1, 13.0%) also warrants pretty serious consideration and with his soon to be post-bye status relative to his price could too be a must have. He’s not even a true, stay at home forward anymore. Gets unleashed in this high up the ground role – which was perhaps best evidenced by his 3 intercept marks last week, aha! With the baked in big four, either sub-500k Cameron that can press triple digits, slot in and allow you to spruce up your team elsewhere is firming as a must have maneuver.

Back Breakers: Jack MACRAE (109.5, 17.9%) and Zak BUTTERS (110.8, 17.8%) will only become must haves if and when they come down in price. A slew of options at 600k+ that can press 120+ in the midfield instead.

City Inordinance: It’ll be hard to swap Stephen CONIGLIO (97.8, 31.7%) given his role, capacity and history of doing triple digits. He’s been way off it late will dummy spitting performances and shocking DE but one you just cop and address other issues in your side. Maybe a really late luxury if he hasn’t gotten his act together by then.

How does your team look in respect to these must haves? How many do you have? Who are you planning on getting in and how so? Share your thoughts below.


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15 thoughts on “Season Must Haves & Luxury Upgrades”

  1. DEF
    Stewart, Daicos, Dawson, Ryan, Sheezel, Day
    Sheezel & Day > Sicily & Sinclair to finish.

    Bontempelli, Oliver, Merrett, Gulden, Brayshaw, Green
    Laird & Neale (this week) to finish.

    English, Gawn

    Macrae, Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Coniglio
    D. Cameron to finish.

    14 Trades Left
    Humphrey, Briggs, Weddle, Mitchell, Cincotta & Ford left to cull.
    Constable, Johnson, Sharp, Sturt & Madden not worth trades now and will just ride to the end on the bench.

    Honestly, I feel pretty comfortable at the moment to have a full premium team, including Sheezel & Day traded, with ~5 trades left.


    1. Very envious of this team, well done! With hardly any rookies coming through and cash generation a problem , I can’t see myself getting anywhere close to full promo anytime soon.


  2. After this weeks trades

    Def Stuart Daicos Dawson Lloyd Sheezel Day Weddle : Chesser

    Mids: Bont, Zerret, Laird, Brayshaw,Anderson, Steele, Ashcroft: Wardlaw , Johnson, Davey cincotta

    Rucks: Marshall, English, Briggs

    Forwards: Dunkley, Toranto, Gulden, Rozee, Cogs, Ford,: Dury, Madden


  3. Thanks for the shout out GD

    Sicily, Daicos, Stewart, Doc, Lloyd, Young (Weddle, Chesser)
    Bont, Brayshaw, Dawson, Green, Neale, Warner, Taranto, Wardlaw (Cincotta, Drury, Davey)
    Marshall, Gawn (Briggs)
    Dunkley, Rozee, Gulden, Cogs, DCameron, Mitchell (Ford, Roberts)

    13 trades, 3 boosts 286k ITB

    J Cameron next week. 466k is a great price. He will end up being F7 and be able to cover all lines for me as a super bench (will keep Dawson in the mids and Chesser on Def bench). He has a few early games, so could be a good loop as well.
    R15 will be Clarry and Laird.

    Weddle, Mitchell, Cincotta, Briggs, Davey and Ford to disappear.

    Will have 7 trades left and not much ITB.

    Hoping to trade Gawn up to English at some stage. But will probably sit on the trades for injuries.

    I think will possibly end the season without Petracca, Merrett or Macrae, unless they come in as an injury trade.

    Best year ever for me so far in SC. Which has meant an even bigger obsession than it already was.

    Good luck to everyone for the rest of the year.


    1. No worries, Phil. Great call from you – and one I was on the other side of.

      Yeah, get Cameron. I grabbed him and Stewart as bye relief a bit ago and he’s been very serviceable without any monster games yet.


  4. Fantastic thread !

    Before trades

    Stewart, Daicos, Sinclair, Ridley, Day, Weddle (Chesser, Mullin)
    Bont, Laird, Dawson, Anderson, Neale, Green, Steele, Wardlaw (Phillipou, Drury, Constable)
    English, Gawn (Madden)
    Dunkley, Taranto, Coniglio, J Cameron, Ziebell, Sheezel (Ford, MacKenzie)
    10 trades & $44500 ITB

    Cash league only but need to win the next few as currently at 4/6 after losing last week with 21 on the park !

    traded Gulden last week that allowed for J Cameron and Ridley to come in, hate not having him but finishing the side feels like a real struggle so went two for one so to speak.

    Two upgrades left and think I have to keep Day, Sheezel & Ziebell in the short term at least.

    Not sure what I am doing this week, perhaps MacKenzie to Fyfe which gives me a 19th body R14 against that week’s opponent who also currently has 19 ! Perhaps Gawn to Briggs and MacKenzie to D Cameron which helps this week and next, maybe Phillipou/Weddle to Fyfe too helps scoring potential this week and an extra body next week.

    Zero boosts and too many decisions ! Good luck to all


  5. After Sheezel —> Neale:

    DEF: Dawson, Naicos, Stewart, Ziebell, Sinclair, Day (Mitchell, Weddle)

    MID: Bont, Oliver, Neale, Laird, Green, Merrett, Dunkley, Taranto (Johnson, Constable, Roberts)

    RUC: Marshall, Briggs (Madden)

    FWD: Butters, Rozee, Coniglio, DCam, Gulden, Humphrey (JVR, Ford)

    Team value is $14m, only 7 trades left is the worry. Looking at ~4 trades left post byes after I bring in Anderson next week to finish team, and will have Briggs R2, Humphrey M9 and Fyfe F7.


  6. Have all of your must haves except for Clarry & Dawson.
    10 trades left & $122k ITB.
    4 to go for full premo
    Ashcroft, Weddle, Baker, Van Rooyen, Cincotta, Cowan, Ford, Mullin & Constable to trade out (fingers crossed those last 2 get a couple of more games).
    Its going to be very tight and need a lot of things to go my way, but realistic targets are probably the likes of Dawson, Ryan or Sinclair, D Cameron, and hopefully one of Clarry, Serong or Miller (might end up being Mitchell if the dollars don’t stretch).


  7. Dear GoD,
    Have you created a box for us under achieved coaches to collect surplus trades donated by highly gifted fellow SCT coaches……
    ….Just asking for a friend….


  8. DEF: sic stewart daicos Sinclair ziebell day
    ( cincotta cuntstable)

    MID: bont dawson dunk merrett JDG Green Hump Atkins (Johnson sharp roberts)

    RUCK: Marshall gawn (briggs)

    FWD: taranto gulden cogs rozee sheezel DCam (Ford madden)

    BANK: 140k
    TRADES: 12 and 1 boost
    Overall: 580

    Got some bank and trades and 2 rookies onfield.. so I feel like I’m in a reasonably strong position I’m just lacking Laird and/or Oliver in that midfield so I’m eyeing them off.
    I have Two plans that’s keeping me tossing and turning every night..

    Option A is:
    OUT: ziebell JDG sheezel
    IN: brayshaw neale keays
    So this leaves 2 to upgrade but gets rid of two “fake premiums” and $132k bank

    Option B is more risky imo having to rely on briggs to cement #1 ruck at GWS but gets a rookie offield and 1 rookie left to upgrade who will be Oliver post bye. Bank of $142k

    OUT: ziebell JDG gawn (briggs to R2)
    IN: brayshaw neale keays


    1. I vote A I feel it’s less risk involved As long as you believe sheezel and ziebell are definitely fake like you mentioned. If briggs is dropped/gets injured it would hurt especially if he hadn’t topped out in price.


  9. Have all the guns mentioned except:
    The Port forwards (was concerned early in the season about their streaky nature and am paying for it)
    Sicily (If I’m lucky he will be my Briggs upgrade)
    Marshall (traded to English at probably the worst time imaginable, Witts R2)
    And the MID cherries (both so far out of my price range that even if I were to have the trades for a luxury swap from the aforementioned GWS mid Green, I don’t think I would be able to afford FP)

    Thanks for the write-up!


  10. Stewart daicos Dawson ziebell sheezel Mitchell (Cincotta Constable)

    Bont oliver merret Laird tiba Neale Wardlaw (Simpson Johnson Drury)

    Marshall gawn (Briggs)

    Dunkley Taranto MacRae gulden rozee
    Van roo (ford Roberts)



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