SuperCoach Talk Group R11

Written by Duck on June 11 2013

In a round where 2000 was going to be a good score, 17 of the top 20 achieved that … and then some.

MJ is still out in front and sits at 21st overall. I’ve just spent some time reviewing his team, i suggest you do the same. Nice work MJ, keep it up mate.

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 11 10.40

“Don Cottagers” scored 2236 this round, which was our highest, well done Alastair! That gave him the 29th highest score for the week …. the highest being 2324.

Another round of byes should make for more interesting results, and now we can start trading in blokes who’d already had a week off – which i plan on doing.


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8 thoughts on “SuperCoach Talk Group R11”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Duck.

    Was nice to have a decent week, but all credit to MJ, BigRuss and co above. Super effort.

    Show’s the quality of the site’s following too. Have to be almost ranked in the top 500 to be in our top 20


  2. Ive moved in the top 50 in the group currently sitting 38th and 1055 overall
    Pretty stoked about that 🙂


  3. Hi
    Love it

    Just a thought but would love 2 know the reason behind people’s choice o team names. But u it very funni!!

    I’m coming 33000ish so no cake for me:/



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