Table For Two – Round 12

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 3 2022

Got a one way or the other SC dilemma? You’ve come to the right place.

Put your question to the masses and answer others using the T.U and T.D function.


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25 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 12”

  1. Need to free up an extra $30k. Hayes gone for Teakle. Now Hamilton has got to go.
    Can bring in any >$130k rookie (DPP available).. will be my 19 player this week, so may not play. Who to pick?

    TU Wehr (Haven’t seen play or know JS)
    TD Parnell

    Please comment any other ideas.

    Also trade needs to be made tonight. if I go Wehr and one of my dogs players gets injured or sucks. Can I change Wehr to Parnell before Crows play and after tonight lockout?


    1. You can change Wehr correct. Parnell I’d assume is just covering for Luke Brown (correct me if I’m wrong Crows fans). Can’t seen him in the side for long.

      Sam Durdin, 123k def. an option if you’re after a warm body the next 2 weeks. Better JS on paper than Wehr. GWS have to bring in Whitfield and Kennedy.

      Obviously incredibly premature move, but can’t see Durdin not coming in and filling a much needed gap.


        1. Durdin a lockdown defender, something they’re in need of (I reckon he goes to Peter Wright). Kemp could play as an interceptor (doubt he’s named though).

          Durdin more vital to the Blues B22 right now.


  2. hey lads, who should I trade out for English?

    Cogs TU
    pruess TD
    Comment – butters

    I’m unsure why everyone is jumping off preuss, he’s yet to score under 100 & the only thing from me trading cogs is that he is getting more midfield time


  3. English…

    TU – sell SDK/McCartin to get him
    TD – hold SDK/Martin and get DCameron instead


  4. Have only 17 playing this week so giving some thought to:

    Hayes/Hobbs/Skinner to DCameron/Parnell/Teakle

    Fixes this week but also spreads impact over the other two bye rounds. Skinner deadwood for Teakle DPP flexibility with Cameron.

    TU – good trades
    TD – bad trades


  5. Who to sell for English

    T/U – Daicos – higher BE but leaves me with 17 for RD13

    T/D – SDK – lower BE but helps for RD13: will more than likely sell next week anyway


  6. T/U: Heeney, Hamilton to English, Owens
    T/D: Heeny, Daicos to English, Owens next round


  7. 15 trades left 17 playing both options get me 18 on field TU gets me Darcy TD leaves me with more trades and cash for future rounds
    Dixon > Stradinica
    Hayes > Darcy
    Durdin > Wehr via dpp
    Durdin > Butler
    150k or so


  8. T/U 1 trade preuss to gawn (2k short of darcy)

    T/D use 2 trades and go Rory Thompson to Sam butler and then preuss to Darcy


      1. 2 players away from full premo 3 counting preuss and 14 trades before trading this week



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