14 thoughts on “Table for Two – Round 14”

    1. I would assume it will depend on your team structure I think Dowling as a DPP mid fwd fits my team better. Job security for Dowling is doubtful whereas Krueger is probably good for another six weeks


  1. TU – Trade Closhey/Garcia/Jones to Kreuger/Zorko/Mid donut – 10 trades left

    TD – Trade Closhey/Garcia to Fisher/Def-Fwd donut – 11 trades left

    Can use Fisher to cover def/fwd for injuries or go all out on Zorko

    D6 is currently Martin
    F6 is currently Powell


  2. Who to trade in this week with their low break evens?

    TU: Gulden to complete my midfield
    TD: Rankine to boost my forwards (leaving room in mid for a butters/serong)

    Other trade already this week is Comben to Moore


  3. TU: Moore and hold Oliver (19 on field)
    TD: Simpkin + trade Oliver to Gulden (20 on field)
    in top 500 for context and full premo after this trade


  4. Splitting between 3 guys here , can only get 2

    T/U: Butters and Zorko
    T/U: Butters and Ryan

    Comment: Zorko and Ryan


  5. Who’s more important to get this week as my Petracca replacement?
    TU – Serong to finish off my midfield (even with his high BE) and my underperforming mids (Oliver, Green, Steele)
    TD- Zorko or Heeney


  6. Has it really come to this?

    TU: Dowling – Future appears uncertain. Showed some scoring potential but his first price rise might include a sub score.

    TD: Schoenmaker – Howard out for 4, including bye, looks more likely to get three full games before the price rise. Looking solid in VFL.



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