21 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 20”

  1. TU: Cripps
    TD: Kelly
    Out goes walsh
    considering bringing in cripps who ik has been battling a bit but should look to rly fire for the run home and get his blues into the finals. Or its joshua kelly


    1. Hey Finn, good to see you still going so well overall!!!!Does someone like Flanders with a 5 game of 110 and dpp at 465k work for your team? The good thing about the 5 game run is the lack of a real spike score- it’s just consistent.


      1. Thanks mate that’s why I’m so scared about this decision . Yeh hadn’t rly considered Flanders just cos he hasn’t proven it before but I mean the numbers speak for themself and Gold Coast would be stupid to change his role now. I’ll give it a look thanks mark


        1. No worries Finn. Just trust your gut mate. It’s got you this close and the top ten are bugger all points away! Best of luck!


  2. More like table for a few, Ridley & Melican out for:

    TU: Doch & LDU
    TD: Sicily & Butters


    1. Hey guys, need some advice. 4 trades left $254k in the bank and need to trade ridley and ashcroft. Wondering if I could go all out and get Sicily and Libba leaving me with only $28k in the bank or go someone cheaper in one or then line like doch or brayshaw/serong, to leave some more powder incase I need to trade Marshall.
      Tu – Sicily and libba in
      Td – Libba and doch


  3. 2 trades left
    TU Hold Walsh have himmelberg as cover via ddp
    TD Trade Walsh with limited choices Butters Kelly Flanders Touk Parker


  4. Walsh out, 4 trades remaining and having to field Keays as my M8.

    Should I trade in Hewett for Fletcher as midfield cover / potential loophole (using Constable) or save the trade?

    TU: Bring in Hewett
    TD: Save the trade



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