Table For Two – Round 23

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 18 2022

Got a one way or the other SC dilemma? You’ve come to the right place.

Put your question to the masses and answer others using the T.U and T.D function.


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13 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 23”

  1. Who wins:

    T.U: May, Gawn, LDU, Hawkins, S. Berry, Bont, Dale, Saad, Sinclair, Mills, Heeney.

    T.D: Petracca, Cogs, Witts, Stewart, Short, Laird, Dawson, Tingles, Crisp, RoMo, Parker.


  2. Last spot in my Fwd line and I am tossing up between:

    TU – Tom Hawkins plays WCE last 5 games 111. 94. 93. 141. 98. Note J. Cameron not playing this week OR

    TD – Tom Lynch plays ESS last 3 games since back from injury 177. 104. 123

    Who would you select?


  3. TU: Goldy and D’Ambrosio for Gawn and Aleer
    TD: D’Ambrosio and Short for Dawson and 101K player
    Comment: Bring in Oliver and drop either Brayshaw or Macrae


  4. Trading one out to bring in a defender to upgrade from zorko.

    TU: Goldy (Moving Marshall to rucks, playing Taranto)
    TD: Taranto (Goldy in rucks, Marshall fwd)



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