26 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 5”

  1. TU: doch -> stewart/Sinclair + 175k

    TD: doch -> Stewart/Sinclair
    Setterfield -> kozzie

    I like the TD just because it provides me with that extra cover going forward once I swing one of or both ziebell and cheezel forward next week.. I believe kozzie makes 100k and banks 250k for upgrades going forward..


  2. Hey lads, need some help

    Can either get in my team
    TU – English + any defender under 568k (4K short of Stewart)

    TD – Darcy + Stewart

    Not sure what defender I would get if I was to get English


  3. Hi Supercoaches,

    Need some help with this one.

    TU: Macrea, Davey -> Miller, Van Rooyen
    TD: Macrea, Davey -> Bont, Samson Ryan

    Alternatively comment if you think I should hold on trading Macrae and save my trades. My logic for trading is I have 32 trades and sitting sub 10K in overall rankings so want to be a bit aggressive to start making gains .


    1. MJ with a BE of 33.

      You can afford to wait a week and see how he performs in a full game. I think he’ll do well, and in the event he does kill it he wouldn’t be too much more expensive next week.


  4. Taking Hollands 65. Who gets a run

    TU – Cam Mac (extended bench, but no Will Day)
    TD – W Phillips (named on ball)


  5. Alwyn davey -> S.Ryan for cash and ruck DPP going forward.

    Can any essendon supporters tell me whether they expect daveycto return? He looks a bit raw in my opinion and not AFL ready…


    1. I’d say he should slot straight back in mate, been to all the dons games in Melbourne so far and he adds a different dynamic to the team. Does a lot of kms up and down the ground too to get involved, and it looks like we’re actually encouraging his “raw and instinctive” game style as much as possible

      Barring a victory against the dees this week, I’d say he comes back next week


  6. Okay so I’m putting the C on Davey to loophole Dawson’s VC score from last night. Which player should I put the E on to cover for Davey?

    TU: Mackenzie
    TD: Baker


  7. Who to put on-field this week in DEF?

    TU: Ginbey v Geelong (had a quiet game last week)

    TD: Wilmot v North

    The up and down scoring rookies do my head in every round, usually leave points on the bench!


  8. A dilemma. The amarty injury.
    My only options for captain this week to to amarty E on bench with madden are.

    TU- Sean Darcy (VC) and amarty score. Or

    TD -English (C) and Fergus green on field.



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