Team Preview – Geelong

Written by Dane on March 5 2024

With all due respect, the Cats are usually quite irrelevant when it comes to SuperCoach, at least over the past few seasons, so this could be a real short one.


Lock and Load: Tom Stewart (635,300): If you don’t start with him, be prepared to own him later on anyway. A safe option at D1 or D2, had a career high average of 113 last season even with a season opener of 18 (knee injury from memory). Has always had a great ceiling, last year pumping out 167, 152 and 147 plus another eight captaincy worthy scores of 120+. Can be the target of a forward tag sometimes but that won’t happen every week. He’s also currently the at 30% ownership, putting him only behind Sheezel, Young and Daicos when it comes to players 500K+.

Feeling lucky: Nothing here. Duncan (504,700) will have his games but is only a draft pick. Don’t start with him in classic.

Money Maker: Connor O’Sullivan (162,300):  Was pick 11 in last years draft and does come with an increased price tag for that reason. Might see some games but Geelong tends to hold their rookies back with management early in their careers. One to keep on the watch list.


Feeling lucky: Plenty going on here but I wouldn’t recommend any of them in classic, only draft leagues. Blicavs, Dangerfield, Atkins, Holmes and until recently, Cam Guthrie, will all have their games but won’t come anywhere near being a final team target.

Money Maker: Clark (123,900) and Mannagh (117,300) are at 41% and 50% ownership as I’m writing this, with the latter having DPP eligibility. Don’t have a heap of intel on either but that ownership % has to mean something.


Money Maker: Conway (180,000) is getting some love as potentially a solo ruck, but there’s no point picking him IMO with Naismith being 55K cheaper and a better option. And you wouldn’t run him R2.


Feeling Lucky: Jeremy Cameron (462,700). A star of the competition, but he’s a little too up and down for me to really factor him in, especially in classic,but if you’re willing to accept the 50-70 range then feel free to boast when he snags 7 goals and 160.

No one else to cover here for the Cats, if I’ve missed anything throw it into the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “Team Preview – Geelong”

  1. Every year Tom Hawkins drops to a price where I consider him for a cheap F6 (usually near $400k). He didn’t come home strong last year due to injury, but he’s one on my watchlist if his price drops, given what our forward lines may end up looking like.

    A topic that might be a good poll, who do we think the top 8 fwds will be this season.


  2. Holmes is worth a look I reckon as a cheeky POD. The points have to go somewhere and with no midfielders of any note someone will have to step up and pickup the slack this year. N.Martin and Wines and maybe Crouch at a stretch may be better picks but I like Holmes 2nd after after N.Martin in that lot.

    Saying that, I still havent got the gonads to pick him.


  3. Jhye Clark would have played more barring injury. With Guthrie out, the Cats will do everything to give him a solid six weeks in the seniors. At $123,000, his score of 86 (69% game time) last week is enough for me to pick him. Last year, he played a single quarter against Richmond for 6 touches and 5 tackles.

    There’s every indication that Stewart is going to take more kick-ins this year.


  4. Max Holmes looks for a breakout year. It’ll be interesting how he’ll go if a tag comes, but considering he can play on the wing and off HB, he’ll be hard to contain.

    The other chance of a breakout could be Jack Bowes running off HB. Averaged 61, but there were 4 sub-effected games. But this is more wishful thinking than anything.

    The biggest problem at Geelong is as Steven King said, there is 35 players ready and we have no idea who’s best 22.

    Are they going to squeeze out guys like Kolojasnij? How often will Duncan, Dangerfield, Tuohy, Stanley, Hawkins, Rohan get rested? When will the next breed get their run at it, like Conway, Clarke, Dempsey, Knevitt, Mannagh, Mullin, O’Sullivan and Neale?



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