SCT Prizes in 2024

Written by Motts on March 5 2024

A couple of weeks ago I put the call out for help from the community to fund our prizes for 2024.

The response was nothing short of amazing. Not just in terms of the number of people who reached out to help but also the amounts some people were happy to donate. Truly heartwarming stuff and we’re so grateful to everyone who’s sent me something.

The upshot is, I’m happy to announce that the winners of all of our competitions in 2024 will receive prizes and in some cases, those prizes will have increased from what they were last year!

Here’s what everyone’s competing for in ’24:

  • LoEC1 – $200
  • LoEC2 – $100
  • LoEC3 – $100
  • SCTTL – $200
  • The SCT Open League – $200 + ring (see below)
  • SCT Draft – $100
  • Brownlow Medal Comp – $100

Magnificent! And get this… there’s still some prizes coming in – 6 bottles of wine was mentioned by one of our generous donors – so there’s a very good chance that these prizes will be added to as the season progresses!

Now, lets talk about the ring…

The team at SuperCoach Champion have once again very kindly donated a one of their awesome rings for us to award to the winner of our Open League (977062). To be eligible to win this terrific piece of enviable jewellery, you need to have “@SCT” appended to your team name (for example, my team name is “The Maulers@SCT”).

If you’re looking for a prize for your SCT cash league that lasts a hell of a lot longer than the $, consider taking a greenback out of the pot to invest in one of these babies. They’re very, very cool.

Thanks to David and the SC Champion, team. You guys rock!


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2 thoughts on “SCT Prizes in 2024”

  1. As a contributor and admin of the popular Tech League, I would greatly endorse Motts’ comments above, and sincerely thank the generous folk who help keep the site the champion site it is. Well done donors.


  2. Update: the 6 bottles of plonk were dropped off to me today – thank you JAMHED! – so now every comp winner (bar the Brownlow Comp) will receive a bottle of Saltram 1859 shiraz straight from the Barossa. If you’re not of drinking age, we expect you to give to someone else or cellar it until you are.



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