Team Reveal – Average Danes Gym

Written by Dane on March 5 2024


Daicos speaks for himself not even 50 games into his career. Currently running Sheezel at D2 and Coleman at D3 but have been messing around with Budarick paired with either of them, lately. Williams weight of ownership (yes I know he didn’t play in the pre-season) and value if he strings together games can’t be passed up, while the rookies, as a general rule, will chop and change as we get closer to round 1. Dean, I will mention though was pretty solid in the practice match.


Running a deep midfield currently with Miller down at M6. I could make a case for the majority of players over 550K this year, especially in the middle, but this is the current setup. Leaves me with multiple captaincy options. Rookies are the common ones, while Roberts over Watson being the latest change after a crisp pre-season outing and Sydney’s current midfield opportunities. Butters though, is now and wait and see after a preseason ankle roll.


Hoping that it’s a set and forget type scenario with these two, and like Williams, the weight of ownership does play a part. While you could set and forget multiple other combinations, this one in my mind provides plenty of upside with the $$$ saved. Naismith will probably turn into Livingstone or Maley for a loop option once he maxes out in cash.


Admittedly, the one with the most movement lately. Have been flirting with even Fyfe over Flanders and using the money elsewhere. Anyway, Flanders has been Macrae plenty of times and is on thin ice after the practice match. Jordan and Billings played really well and seem great value, so they’re in. Reid and Windsor, standard. Sexton could be this year’s Charlie Constable but can you ignore that pre-season performance?

Leaves me with $81,500!

No where near done here, still 10 days to re-work structure and combinations on each line.

Got a couple of leagues going again this year, no criteria just jump on in!

  • ADG @ SCT1 – 533164 (20 T, H2H)
  • ADG @ SCT2 -647082 (10 T, H2H, everyone plays each other twice)
  • ADG @ SCT3 – 859626 (20 T, H2H)




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5 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Average Danes Gym”

  1. Nice work Dane. I thought I was an island running six premo mids but now seeing a few more teams like this makes me think we’re are on the right track. A lot of R0 players there though (and I would of gone Green myself if not for the byes) so I have gone Dawson (Ade) (another option would of been Libba).

    Rookies will sort themselves out on Team naming.

    But yeah loving that team.


  2. Big points in middle!

    I like it although maybe 1 or 2 with sh!tty byes.

    I joined the 10 team league, thanks.

    Good luck this year


  3. Cheers ADG, good work posting team…
    Like the near premiums free forward line. Pulled Sam Darcy from my team after he missed the warm up game – assuming you’re tipping he’s starting round 1?
    joined league 3 (GetBombed@SCT). Hoping everyone in that league is also bit loose with their bye planning… 🙂



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