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Written by JimmyDee on March 5 2024


Feeling Lucky:
Isaac Rankine.  $461,600 (ownership 4.7%)

Usually not relevant as a small high half forward due to inconsistency, but interest is surging this year due to a hybrid Mid Forward role throughout the preseason with ownership creeping up towards 5% indicating coaches are taking some interest.

Scored seven good tons last year highlighting sublime skills and acute awareness, but as is want with the small forwards, mixed it with a few forties to finish with an 82 average. Given he starred in the intra club in Port Lincoln and the practice match against the Power and then added 138 against (although hapless) West Coast in his new role, I see him breaking toward the 100 average this year. Definitely worth a punt and will be  a serious POD in an otherwise similar looking forward line.


Lock and Load:
Rory Laird.  $653,100. (ownership 6.6%)

Ever reliable scorer with averages of 117, 128 and 116 in the past three years. Racks up SC points through clearances (140), tackles (175) and general possessions (29/match), although a 1.4 handball ratio holds the scores back a little. Has a huge ceiling as a captaincy option with nine scores over 125 last year with highs of of 156 against West Coast and 151 v GWS. No bye till round 15, no brainer!!

Jordan Dawson. $647,600. (ownership 17.2%)

Since moving to the midfield has become a fantasy lock with two season’s scores of 116 and 109.5 following 101 as a half back at Sydney. Has an elite penetrating left foot that runs at a respectable 65% efficiency, though this has dropped since becoming a contested midfielder. Those extra contested possessions make up for the decreased efficiency and do not detract from his elite scoring that is enhanced by 114 marks and 153 tackles and a handball ratio of only 0.55.

Feeling Lucky:
Matt Crouch.  $490,800. (ownership 7.2%)

An elite scorer from years gone by is back on the bus. Has looked as sharp as he ever has over the preseason and got plenty of it against the Power and racked them up in managed game time against the Weagles with 114 in less than 60% time on ground.

Averaged 108 in the last eight games of 2023 with a low of just 86 and a high of 144 in the Showdown. Absolutely worth a shot at M5-M6 despite GD’s “Fatt” Crouch tag.

Jake Soligo.  $408,500  (ownership 0.5%)

Soli has sported a moonboot for the past few weeks but came on against the Eagles and had instant impact with 13 disposals and attended 9 CBAs in 48% TOG. Is very much best 22 and highly rated at West Lakes coming into his third season. Managed three tons and a couple of 90s in his 73 average last year but expect this to increase. Awkward price to risk on a breakout contender so might be better, cheaper options out there.

Money Maker:

Sam Berry.  $226,900.  (ownership 3.8%)

Had pretty much a wipe out year last missing a chunk with injury and not being able to crack back in for the rest of the year. Did however have a breakout second year in 2022 averaging 87 showcasing that potential as an inside mid. That would price him at $485k this year. Based on his tackling back then (9.5), clearances (4.6) and contested ball alone will see a huge price hike, but chuck in his ability to assist the scores and a snag or two of his own and you will have a great cash cow/stepping stone that should let you decide the perfect time to offload. He starts and stays as long as he provides that uber grunt the Crows love from him, in case you have doubts about his best 22 position.


Feeling Lucky:
Mitch Hinge.  $474,300.  (ownership 0.8%)

I was tipping Mitch for a bit of a breakout this year but I fear the dearth of key forwards at this point will determine that he will play more accountable roles, at least until the return of Murray at which point he should be cheaper.

An 85 average is not bad, especially with a high ceiling but I think Saint NWM at a similar price point will be the stronger scorer early in the season. It’s a miss for me.

Money Makers
Daniel Curtin $175,800 and Charlie Edwards $117,300 (both DPP) will play at some stage this season. Curtin, a high draft pick, is being treated cautiously apparently as a result of the failed Fisher McCasey exercise of a few years past. He has superb skills, reads the play well and can score seriously when freed up. Cracked a couple of 150s in the under 18 champs playing midfield so expect him to not wait that long to get a guernsey. Still in over 38% of sides despite no guarantee of an early start. Edwards is playing in the twos trials as a midfilder and getting wraps from coach Godden, so we expect him to front up some time this year. Will be a great downgrade option at some stage.


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11 thoughts on “Team Preview – Adelaide Crows”

  1. Thanks for this, I was wondering why nobody was mentioning Berry.
    If Berry starts I’ll probably start him but I’m just a bit concerned that he gets the role that generated all of those sub 60’s to start last year and not sure if the form of Crouch & Soligo was what was keeping him out of the team later. I might start without him and if the role & points are good bring him in for a rookie to cover rnd 3


    1. I think Berry, Soligo, Crouch, and Laird will steal points off each other. Plus, Rankine pushing into stoppage there’s talk of Laird moving forward.

      I’m steering clear of the Crows midfielders other than Dawson who’s proven he can score through multiple avenues already.


          1. That will not be a direct swap Magic. It will be rotations off for Laird/Crouch and then Rankine will come in and Soli and Berry will do the moves forward. Lairdy will spend minimal time as a pure forward, IMHO.


  2. Hey Brad, I feel he is at an awkward price given the multiple choices around the mid $200k mark who may well score above their price and achieve an average of the 74 Rach is priced at. That’s the logic !

    The gut says he could be anything but I just think the consistency will work against him and the big scores will be balanced by some poor ones. Will get some mid time and do well whilst he’s there, but may not be there enough to rack up the necessary disposals to reach the upper echelons of SC.

    Having said that, he will win us games of his own boot this year and probably score the odd monster total but not as consistently as Isaac for $48k more.


    1. Quite bullish really Cuzza. Fitter and new ruck rules will suit him more than the jumper types. Clarke and Burns reckon it will suit him more than most of the others. 169 points against the Eagles not a true indication in terms of opposition, but definitely true in the amount of ground covered.



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