Written by JimmyDee on March 5 2024

The Tech League is back, Don’ run out of time to join

For any newbies to this concept, a Tech Team is one that contains the exact same 30 squad members for each coach to start in round one. That squad is supplied by me prior to round one and cannot be changed, with the exception of bench and captaincy decisions, until round two.

The Tech concept this year is based on a “loyalty” theme where only players who have remained loyal to their original clubs are selected. Any player must have played a minimum of three seasons for the same club. For example, the Bomber’s defender Zach Reid ($123,900) is eligible as his first game was 2021, whereas the Tiger’s defender Josh Gibcus ($150,700) is not because this is only his third season currently.

Bench rookie eligibility is solely based on those who have never played an AFL game regardless of age or price. The selection criteria is made a bit harder by having each AFL club represented, so the challenge is seriously on!!

Despite the tough eligibility rules this year, there will still be some serious players (think Gawn/Laird/Ryan/Rozee types), and some exciting breakouts or fallen premos (think Flanders/Coleman/Fyfe types) and of course the gun rookies (Reid/McKercher/Sanders) will be there.

All 54 coaches from last year have received email invites and their acceptances are rolling in fairly rapidly, (now up to 46). If you have not played before, give it a go, you will be guaranteed to love it. Last year’s winner was a first timer so there’s no reason you can’t be as well. Plus there’s a couple of hundred smackers to the winner !! To express your interest in playing, E-mail your details, including name, site moniker (if you have one), and proposed Tech Team name to me at :

jimmydee at supercoachtalk dot com

If you have any questions, please whack them in the comments below and I will answer all of them at my earliest convenience. Hope to hear from you, and great playing in 2024.


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10 thoughts on “SCTTL – TECH LEAGUE 2024”

  1. Thanks for this, email just sent, looking forward to it.

    How do you handle scoring / team changes given his is a different team from our standard super coach teams?


    1. How previous seasons have run, you create a 2nd account with another name making sure it isn’t noticeable both teams are run by you. Most use a partners name and email.

      Everyone will then be placed into a group on supercoach, now an unlimited league. Your team name and account name will confirm your team in the league.

      Just a day or 2 before the opening game, everyone is sent the team that needs to be copied.
      The opening team each season is usually based on a theme to make some players unique and not just a common team. Previous seasons has been like Midpricer Mayhem or Guns n Rookies

      You are able to choose your captain’s and who you want to bench, but all 30 players must remain the same.

      Once the 1st round round is complete, each team is checked to make sure it matches the sent team. From then you may choose what you want to do with your team with no restrictions. All scoring will be tracked in the league/group

      This has been the standard procedure. I am unsure if anything has been changed, but this gives a good guide on what should occur


  2. For anyone considering this, it’s really good fun and tests your strategy during the season, compared to some classic teams that can start to look the same after a while. I’m about to do my third tech season, really looking forward to it and highly recommend.


  3. It should be called the karma comp.
    It relieves all the stress from round 1 when one of your players gets injured and it’s not your fault. LOL


    1. It gives weird feelings when you manage to finish the season with this team at a higher overall rank than your main.
      You do so well but horrible at the same time


  4. Does the “Loyalty” theme run once the season starts also or just for the starting team?

    As in, can you ONLY trade in players that sit eligible for the theme or is it free pickings with moves after Round 1 is completed?


    1. Free pickings….

      Ps you can change things around when you get the team, just no trades.
      ie Capt and vc, bench dpp etc

      Good luck



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