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Written by Abs on March 12 2024

To say the upcoming season is unlike any other would be an understatement. The last three previous seasons I have finished between 1000-1500 overall, and hopefully following the trend of 2024 being a wildcard season, a push into the top 500 is hopefully on the cards.

I’d also like to apologise in advance, there’s a player in this team I had completely written off all pre-season, and upon re-watching the practice game and having an awkward amount of cash left, that burn-man player has ended up in my team, but we’ll get to that shortly.


Houston, we do not have a problem

Firstly with Nick Daicos, there’s just no way you can anti-POD him. My initial team selector had James Sicily in his place, and maybe controversially, I still think Sicily is a good pick, and I personally have him finishing above Tom Stewart, who I’ve happily faded in place of Dan Houston. The Port Adelaide Half Back averaged 114.2 SC points at Adelaide Oval in 2023.  And in 2024, Houston has 7/10 first games at AO, along with opening fixtures against the Eagles & Tigers, lock. Harry Sheezel was one that was always on the radar, and with the role having ticked the boxes I was wanting to see, he’s kept his place at D3, likewise with Hayden Young. Zac Williams has been in the side since the team selector opened up, Blake Howes was someone I was hoping to see named, and even prior to the game against Sydney found himself at D6. Howes had averaged 93 SC points in the VFL last season (which is the most out of all the rookie priced defenders). Josh Gibcus & Zach Reid are fine on the bench to make some slow-burn cash.


Who needs premiums when you have Wine?

Marcus Bontempelli wasn’t a consideration until I realised Gawn over English was just too hard to resist. Ultra-consistent, and bringing him in later-on is a headache I’d rather avoid. Zak Butters, LDU, Green, the three have practically been a main-stay of my teams since the selector, surprised at which of the three has kept their spot? From all the information provided, Butters will be ready to go in around 1, and similar to Houston, that fixture run is just impossible to ignore. Touk Miller is another I’ve been bullish on, but the bye had been forcing my hand to leave him out. The early fixtures aren’t great for the Suns, but even still, he’s one I’d rather have and lock away for sub-550k, supreme value. Nick Martin has been in the team since the whispers of him moving to halfback were being floated around. I actually attended the practice game against the Cats to watch the man, and he definitely passed the eye-test in person. Ollie Wines has also found himself as a pseudo premium at M5. Again, the fixture run is immense, Hinkley has slated his return into the midfield, and the former Brownlow Medalist has got a nice pre-season under his belt (which couldn’t be said for last season). McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite on-field are all strong IMO, nothing to add to those three that hasn’t been said. Matt Roberts at M9 will be quite handy for the bye-rounds, and then Jeremy Sharp and Jhye Clark round out the last two slots. Close watch on Sharp, could slot Wilson into the Midfield and play around with the likes of Chris Burgess who should have strong JS for the first half of the season.


Gawndy? What is it, 2019?

Max Gawn & Brodie Grundy, to the surprise of none, I have personally flirted with going up to Tim English or down to Tristan Xerri, but English is just not feasible with Bont already in the team, and Xerri won’t be a keeper like Gawn has the potential to be. Sam Naismith is one I’ll easily fade for a loophole if Nank is back this week.


Ignore my F3.

Isaac Heeney did the most Heeney thing of all time scoring 144 points in Round 0 and sucking us all in. The loose plan for myself is to start Heeney, capitalise on the big score, soft fixtures, role and then potentially flick to Sam Flanders come Sydney’s bye, but saying that, everyone’s got a plan til they get punched in the face… Zac Fisher was actually in my team selector squad, and then that was re-affirmed by his role in the pre-season, he has had two hamstring issues this pre-season, but at that price you couldn’t fade, could you? Nat Fyfe… There’s a lot of texts and posts that I need to delete about this man. Hasn’t been in my team at all this pre-season, however to maintain structure after Jack Billings laid an egg as a sub, Nat Fyfe is the one that’s found a spot. Obviously, James Harmes, Charlie Lazzaro, Caleb Windsor are all options, but not for my team. James Jordon is another that has been in the team since the Team Selector days, the only cause for concern was Jordon cosplaying as a ghost in the Swans forward line during the first quarter, before being shifted up the ground. There’s nothing to add regarding Harley Reid and Alex Sexton, both are locks and should be on-field. Darcy Wilson being shifted to the mid bench is a play that could work, but until team sheets, he’s in my forward line. Aaron Cadman has great JS and should make some nice slow burn cash.

Can’t tell if this is the 2024 burn-man prediction team or a team reveal…

There you have it, Round 1 isn’t far away, and I don’t expect to change any of the premiums or mid-pricers barring significant news. Have any thoughts (on anything besides Fyfe now being in)? Let me know in the comments! Best of luck for Round 1 everyone.


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11 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Abs”

  1. Love it.

    Defence exactly the same as mine.

    Mid structure is the same but a couple of different premos. I am still considering Lyons but that will depend on Brisbane selections.

    Ruck and forwards is where we differ slightly.

    I currently have Grundy at F1 and Xerri at F2, with Jackson at F1.

    Seriously considering replacing Xerri with Jackson and bringing in Heeney as F1. The burn man (Heeney) has got me a couple of times in the past, so I am reluctant to do it but 144 in R0 and the soft draw makes him enticing.

    Then my plan would be to replace Heeney on his bye with Jackson and pick the best ruck available for R1. This gives me a chance to see who out of Gawn, Marshall or English is the best option.

    Might even keep Heeney if he is still playing mids and scoring OK.


    1. On the ball Owen, similar thinking regarding Jackson, just need to see a confirmation on Darcy’s timeline.


  2. Can’t argue against any of the individual selections, in totality there is a time bomb on R5. Daicos, Roberts, Grundy, Heeney and Jordon all missing.
    Sounds like you have a plan of Heeney to Flanders, but still feels like you are exposed in R5. Planning a sideways trade is a new feature of the SC landscape. Something we all need yo consider, no matter how wrong it feels. (Heeney as a short term cash generator is a definite first!)

    Seeing so many excellent coaches running with R0 premiums has me wavering on my strategy to avoid them completely (well, not completely: I have Grundy but with a plan to trade him in R5).

    Good luck for the season!


    1. I’m having similar doubts. Grundy is my only R0 premium. I see other teams with Green, Millar, Gawn, Daicos that look very nice, slightly waviering.


  3. Going to run with Wines, Martin and Heeney…..until the self doubt kicks in and the voices in my head tell me to change my team another 78 times in the next two days……
    Almost there on Xerri too…or then again….


  4. Hi Abs,

    Great work!!!

    Do you think Hustwaite is worth picking or better going the 5 premo’s and three rookies…2 north boys and roberts?

    Thanks Paul



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