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Written by Chaos Theory on March 11 2023

Hi, all.

I have found this year constructing my SuperCoach team perplexing. I have made numerous changes and I am still unsure of what my final team will look like but this iteration should be pretty close. With only one round of practice games it caused more questions than answers. I Relied more on training and injury reports. Injuries and rookie selection will undoubtedly change my final team again.


My most settled line until recently. Maybe a mistake, but I needed cash from somewhere to strengthen my forwards and finance changes elsewhere. Something had to give so hopefully the promising rookies and discounted returning players can get the job done.


Not much to say about this line. Went heavy with captain choices and popular mid price and rookie players.


Like the majority of coaches I struggled with this line. So many different combinations contemplated. Oh, for the days of set and forget. I have finally decided on Marshall and the cheaper ruck selection Cameron. No particular reasoning applied here. Mainly $$$. Keeping an eye on Samson Ryan in the vague hope he gets named for round one. If so replaces Madden.


After trying value with mid price and rookies coupled with the obvious elite forwards. I have gone with this line up due to the dearth of viable rookies and questionable mid price candidates in the forwards.

All the best to everyone for 2023 and may the SuperCoach Gods shine on you.




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5 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Chaos Theory”

  1. Thanks CT for all the great work you do for SCT.
    Wow, I didn’t expect to see Brodie in your team. Taking Errol instead would allow a bit of a boost in your defence. Bold move. Best of luck for the season.


  2. You’re a brave man CT! That backline could be a killer for you. I fear for a Yeo or Jones pinging a hamstring at any moment and then who will you be able to trade to? I know, a rather pessimistic view.

    The forwards make up for it, obviously with 4 premos.

    It depends on where you want to spend your cash. I tend to want to spend it on the backs, even with this year where there is an equal amount of dependable premos in the forwards. This is due to the simple fact is that I believe that after 6 weeks, there will be even more premiums to choose from in the forward line, whereas the backline will pretty much have the same. I have no stats to backup my claim though…!

    Good luck with your team!


  3. God I rate the Brodie selection so hard, CT.

    Great to see someone with the stones to go for it. Think he and Hewett will go under the radar and be deadly this year.

    Like the deep midfield as well. No rookies there, may as well ball out.

    I think McLean and any DEF rookies aside from Ginbey and Constable on field are liabilities though.

    Best of luck!


    1. Not seeing the same with Brodie and Hewett. Not expecting any improvement just slight drops with them due to some positioning with Hewett/Doc and then slightly more attention to Brodie?


  4. Looking at the team, I see the backline is a little weak with a lot of backing in the rookies, but not GD standard!
    Wondering if any/how changes would be made for some rookie like Cincotta/Cowan since 1 only looks to be named.
    Strong forward line, but then Cameron in the ruck would assume he would move forward as the season goes, so you’d only got 1 more Fwd left. Thinking there might be multiple options to arise which leaves it hard to only be able to pick 1.
    Brodie is an interesting pick as he might be going hot and cold like last season. 6 tonnes in 7 games but then 6 games not reaching a tonne straight after. Will his TOG% improve?



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