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Written by Freo Tragic on March 14 2022

How exciting is this. The season literally  on our doorstep. To be honest, if I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent swapping my team around this pre-season, I wouldn’t need the 50 grand prize money. Let’s see if it was all worth it. Let me introduce the 2022 edition of the Dashing Donkeys@SCT

This team has bank balance of $29 300

So lets go through it line by line.


Lloyd was unfortunately the one to make way at D1. A: I needed the top priced rookies as they seem to have the best job security and B: to allow for Rowell up from Berry. Ryan sneaks in due to Dawson’s untimely injury. His ceiling and “easy” early fixture make him an enticing prospect. He does have some injury history but like Whitfield this is somewhat off set by extra trades. I do really like Whitfield as he can score from any position, and has easily the highest ceiling of any player at his price point. Hewett is not ideal, but Walsh missing early, his DPP and low price, make him hard to pass up. Especially when it also allows good things to happen on other lines. Hopefully his role (at least early) will give him the best chance to go 90+. If he fails, he can potentially be swung to the MIDs (via Daicos in R6) and upgraded to an uber MID. Chapman is my wonder kid defender at D4. He is a future star and cemented in the best 22. He really needs to go at 75+. But I think he can do it, particularly with Freo’s “easy” early draw.  Also I prefer the security of not having to field 3 defender rookies. My escape plan is to swing his money forward to a McGov/Brodie type at price changes, if he spuds and or I get cold feet. P.McCartin and De Koning with their DPP should allow this to happen. Rookies are pretty standard with Sinn a chance to turn into Kemp if he’s not named Round one.


Macrae, Steele and Neale haven’t really left my side, and I don’t think they require too much explanation. I was going to start Touk Miller and would still love to  but then I remembered last year I didn’t start Clayton Oliver due to the fact he had an interrupted preseason. He still averaged 123.5 and I never managed to get him in. I think I cried when he scored 200. This year with the confidence of a Premiership, and a full pre-season I think he goes 130+ .You heard it here first, Clarry “Satan” Oliver will be M1 at seasons end. This time my friends, save your tissues, I won’t be missing out. Then for my M5, Rowell went and made himself a must have last weekend. It was initially Berry, but Rowell just looked so good . I feel he also has better keeper potential, so he gets the start. M6-8 is pretty standard. I’m happy with these three, although the temptation to turn JHF to Berry is strong. I will resist for now as I need playing bench rookies. Speaking of the devils.. I think MacDonald plays. Soligo may end up Hough from West Coast or C. Stephens. Long is a $102K DPP loop with a chance to play early.


Gawn and Darcy. What the ruck, right? Grundy is probably safer than both these guys but hear me out. Firstly I feel Grundy’s ceiling maybe lowed slightly by the Pies young and inexperienced midfield. Secondly, every year some rule change, or in this case the emergence of a youngster has us all chasing shadows and making assumptions.  This year the group think was all about the “Jackson factor”. This and the high price, had scared some (me included) away from Big Maxxy. Last week Gawn’s performance slapped me back to reality, and in a way forced my hand. I was made to realize, not only is he highly durable, he is also the best ruck in the comp, in the best side in the comp. I’m just going to start him and ignore the hype. Speaking of hype, Darcy has such a huge ceiling, I just have to own him. If his body fails he becomes Grundy. It’s probably not the safest of moves, but what the heck Yolo.  For the bench, Dixon likely has better JS with Allen’s injury seemingly more long term. He starts over J Hayes.


Dunkley, Butters and Cogs have been in my forward line since SC opened. We all know their upside and are easy locks in my book. Heeney has been in and out, depending if I needed an extra DEF structure wise. I tried Sicily as a fourth premo, but somehow it didn’t feel right. Heeney is priced ~10 points under his base average of the last few years. With the promise of more MID time, he has obvious upside. For his discounted price, I’m willing to take a risk on his body holding up. Xerri looks like he will overtake an ageing Goldy at North. If he is named as starting ruck in Round 1, he gets a gig. He is also a big chance to get DPP in R6 so could be handy ruck cover until he’s ripe to sell. If he’s named forward, I will look to Ralphsmith in his spotRachele is already one of Adelaide’s best players so he looks a lock at F6. I think he will be okay on field. Durdin and De Koning are likely starters Round 1, although I will only be starting them on the bench.

In closing, the guys I passed on that were very close to making this side, and I’m worried could hurt me, are Lloyd, Dawson and Hinge in defence, Miller, Berry and to a lesser extent D. Stephens through the MIDs, Grundy in ruck and then up forward Dusty, Brodie and McGov. Dusty always pops off Round 1, I’m just hoping he doesn’t keep it up. I just don’t know about starting Brodie and McGov. I’d rather listen to my gut, pass and be wrong, than get burned knowing I had my doubts. Worst case I burn a few corrective trades before price changes.

Well, that’s it for my 2022 Team Reveal. All constructive criticism and advice most welcome and I’ve got Tragics@SCT #3 open for late-comers wanting to take me on this year. The code is 635151. Please don’t join if you’re already in another Tragics league, I want fresh meat!

Thanks for reading and best of luck in 2022!


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28 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Freo Tragic”

  1. Thanks for sharing Freo Tragic . Your contribution to SCT site is epic. One point that resonates with me is go with your gut. Sometimes there is death by analysis but with limited preseason games , all that analysis can change in a week with selections , injuries and premiums coming to play when real stuff starts .
    Good on you backing Chapman as a POD. Good luck and see you at SCT league 1.


    1. Thanks P Buzz. Look forward to another great year of SC.

      I’ve got you in both SCT#1 and Gunboats league . lets get ready to rumble…


      1. Just letting everyone know Tragics @SCT #3 is full.

        Thank you everyone for joining.

        Due to popular demand I have created another league , Please don’t join if you’re already in another of the Tragics leagues , It leaves space for others, and it’s no fun getting beaten twice anyway . 😉

        Tragics @SCT #4 ..674289

        Game on !


  2. Good morning FT,

    Really like this side it’s quiet different being 2/4/2/3. I like the Chapman pick atm it’s McGovern v Chapman for me. Rookies are forcing my hand here it’ll probably come down to the teams tomorrow night.

    How do you feel not starting berry? I’ve toyed with this but the thought of him making a fast 200k and 85+ at M6 each week scares the hell out of me.

    I think Heeney is good for a 90+ if he rotates mid forward but the scary thing is if he plays majority mid his ceiling can be huge. I like this pick with alot of people jumping off after his AAMI game.

    All the best with the season FT!!


    1. Afternoon Mav.

      I’m pretty scared not starting Berry. I love Rowell but ( touch wood ) he did burn me last year. I’m keeping Berry as my back up plan if god forbid anything happens to Matty early. Always easier to go down, than up.

      Heeney is a hard one. Depending on rookies, he’s the one that may go to allow another defender. I love the way Heeney plays, but he’s so reckless, I will probably lose less hair not owning him.

      Thanks again for your comment, and best of luck in SC 2022.


  3. Can I ask why are people so confident starting Chapman with so little sample size?
    I am in the same boat possibly picking him but have my lingering concerns. Thoughts?


    1. I think it’s purely the eye test, durability and his role in that Fremantle side and he’s locked in best 22. It’s not a huge jump up from say a hinge too Chapman. And hinge has a dodgey AC joint and not locked in the best 22 of Adelaide. That’s just my take.

      I’m also considering Chapman but by no means confident in it. It’ll come down to rookies named once teams all drop.


  4. Great side freo tragic but that backline scares me 350 to 400 points and McCartin one head knock and he ends on 15 points and misses multiple weeks ??stregthen that backline and your good to go.don’t let your heart rule your head


  5. Freo are the unknown Fyfe Serong Darcy Chapman and Brodie all with ?? the only one I am confident on is Brayshaw highest scoring docker easily 105 -110


  6. Hi FT.

    Great to see your team and your logic.

    First thing that jumped out was the Defence line. Only two premos, and one of them is 7% owned Ryan, interesting POD, but then i realised you’re probably not called “Freo Tragic” for nothing.

    Hewett could be one of those hindsight obvious selections and sit at D6 all season, or at worst a nice easy step up to a Lloyd or Crisp for not much cash in a few weeks time. I’m starting to like, and is a break glass if i need cash.

    Not sure about Chapman, not a keeper, not a cash-cow price, but then i realised you’re probably not called “Freo Tragic” for nothing.

    Mids and Rucks are rock solid. Darcy worries me slightly, but with 5 extra trades this year the risk is reduced. I agree, he will probably be the highest averaging ruck.

    Your Forwards will be a lot of fun to watch this year, so much upside it is making me dizzy thinking about it. Love Heeney as a player.

    Brodie is missing, a bit surprising as you’re probably not called “Freo Tragic” for nothing.

    Good luck for the season


    1. Hey Mick thanks for your comments.

      I’m not 100% sold on Chappy. He id look amazing the last few games but he is still young and bound to fluctuate. If we had decent Defender rookies I wouldn’t even consider him. ATM he’s a means to an ends.

      I may end up upgrading him anyway. See my comments below to Derek.


      1. Tnx freo tragic I’ve listen to ur wise wisdom over the years fantasy and SuperCoach and like ur side only 7 players different to mine. I had the three mids macrame miller and steel but In order to keep Heeney and improve backline something had to give steel/Miller to cheaper mid. Bradshaw or jye Simpkin 4 a few weeks easy early games and with extra trades wait on one of the top dogs to drop Steele Mitchell Oliver etc and then pounce only my 2 cents worth good luck


        1. Thanks Mick.

          Good luck to you too, I hope you got to jump into one of the Tragic’s leagues this year. It would be good to take you on in SC.

          Thanks again and have a great day.


    2. Hey Derek.

      Thanks for your response.

      Firstly I’m already having doubts about my meagre Defence. I have another Team With Short and McGoven and without Heeney or Chapman. This makes the defence much stronger but I have serious doubts about Gov and Brodie ( explained below )

      Although a huge Freo fan I try to not let that sway my judgement when it comes to SC. It ain’t easy sometimes.

      On Ryan . He averaged ok last year (98 )when our backline Tall’s were devastated by injury and he was forced to play lockdown on more than one occasion. Very much like Ridley ( but more experienced ) He plays best when loose and able to intercept and take a share of the Kick outs. We have a healthy list again and a very favourable early fixture. I would feel safer with Crisp or Lloyd as they seem to never miss. I just really need those extra $$ to get decent bench cover.

      On Chapman. He’s at a pretty awkward price , but I pegged him as someone to watch out for before the Preseason game and then he went and did this..

      As I mentioned to Mick . The lack of defensive rookies make him somewhat viable. I have another team with no Heeney and Chapman up to Short. This maybe a better way to go as theres seems to be more ~$200K options forward this year.

      On Brodie. I’ve never been a huge fan of Brodie. He is a great inside mid with limited running ability. He came last in our 2km time trail. Beaten by Darcy and Meek 🙁 Thats got to be a huge red flag. He looks good at stoppage, but his ability to run both ways is severely limited by his small tank. His TOG was in the 60’s during the practice games. With both Fyfe and Tucker both a bit underdone and still to come back into the team I’m not sure where Brodie stands. He could still make the Round one team, I’m just not sure how long he hangs around in the midfield mix.
      I feel he can only really play inside mid so might be a Sub risk going forward.
      He’s one I’m happy to fade, until he can show he’s best 22 and scoring freely.

      Thanks again for your comments, and best of luck in SC 2022.


      1. I am a Carlton supporter and I am not going near curnow or mgovern it will be a miracle if they don’t get injured at some stage Cripps and maybe Hewitt are value and I’ll be getting walsh asap when he comes back but don’t pick mgovern please he’s f……g useless backlines his last chance or his afl career is over that might just be the rocket up his ass that’s needed to make him play well even a playbook from his bro might help so maybe??…?


        1. I feel the someway about Gov.

          There’s a chance he makes a fist of it and starts ok. He’s on huge money and owes the Blues big time. If he can’t make it work down back I’m not sure he has a future. I’m really not sold on him yet but he’;s defiantly one that could surprise , At that price he only needs one 80+ game and his price will shoot up pretty quick. Much like Curnow it’s really his body holding up that’s the big question. One I’m trying g to fade at this stage.


      2. Hey FT

        btw. i just checked and found Darcy also plays for Freo as well, i’m sure you knew that as you’re probably not called “Freo Tragic” for nothing.

        Ryan will have further natural improvement. Some reason i thought he was older than 26. His 2020 average of 107 was an outlier because of the shorter quarters, but the other years has seen a nice increase of 90, 95, 99. won’t take much to step to 104+. that puts him easy in top 6 come year end. i like.

        I am seeing a lot of teams with Chapman and i thought there was something i had missed. If a “Freo Tragic” is still unsure, i think i’ll give him a miss. I just read father hamster’s rule of 32 meaning he will need to average 88, not sure that will happen.

        I think a Heeney/Chapman/Short/Brodie shuffle might be on the cards, did i say Brodie? i meant someone else who runs faster.

        Looking forward to the match up in SCT #1 sometime this year.


        1. Cheers Derek

          I just commented on FD’s latest post. Now we have 35 trades instead of 30 Maybe trades are actually valued a touch lower . Meaning the magic 32 is now more like ~28 I’m still unsure Chappy can go 84 . Shorts in atm.
          Now for a forward….
          I honestly would rather pick McGoven than Brodie.( He runs fast , just not for very long ) At least we know Gov’s he’s getting a game.

          Yep can’t wait to take you on in SCT#1.

          Have a great arvo .


          1. FT

            What do you think about Raynor for $54k more?

            You can drop Gibcus or Sinn to a cheaper option and have the cash to get Raynor.

            Pity we didn’t see him in the AAMI, how did he look in the practice games?


            1. Not for me Derek…

              I just feel he’s an impact player . He has never been an huge accumulator even in his junior days. I just can’t see him suddenly turning into a ball winning mid. He will play mostly forward. He will have the odd good game but there only so many SC points to go around at the lions. Forward they have Joey, C.Cameron. Bailey and Lyons will split time forward /mid.Neale still rules the midfield, McCluggage and Berry s are the two most likely time to increase their inside time.
              Where does Zorko even play ?

              I’m just not sure how Rayner bobs up and scores enough points.I also want to see it before I commit. There’s just way to many unknowns at this stage for me to go anywhere near Raynor.

              I am warming to Naish . He should get his chance R1 with Kelly out with Covid. Any Richmond fans know anything about him ?


  7. I replaced steel with Bradshaw enabled me to keep Dunkley butters heeney and upgrade Darcy to Gawn and maybe mcartin in fwds so u can loophole him to avoid concussion disaster best of luck mate Chapman’s cheap enough so are the mullets from port .spread backline dollars to get Chapman at f5 might be a safer play to keep up with the leaders


  8. Backline value Whitfield Ridley Ryan McInnerny Hewitt. and sic dog but not convinced on hawthorns backline different coach and with CJ running power I’ll wait and see how it works 4 Sicily


  9. Without going into too much depth FT, I reckon you could get better flexibility without losing scoring by dumping Durdin for Hayes. That gives you a swing with Dixon and gains you $40k, just saying!!


    1. Thanks Jimmy Dee !!

      I have thought about it.

      I actually have my doubts on the JS of both Dixon and Hayes.

      Ryder not far off, and Darling got the jab. (Dixon may still make the team as it seems he’s replacing Allen.) The other problem with Hayes is if he’s dropped you need to (most likely) find cash to sideways him to a playing cow. Always easier to go down than up. Durdin maybe a slow burn, but he looks to be best 22.
      He seems to get up the ground a bit and likes to tackle. Baldwin at $124k should play as well. He’s a high talent but KPP forward. I’m hoping Durdin is worth the extra cash.

      Cheers for your comments Jimmy , Best of luck in 2022.


      1. Freo tragic please help I’ve flipped my hole side around trying to get as many must have keepers in do u like this side or have I lost the plot. DEF. Short mcinnerny Hewitt Chapman mcartin loophole. MIDS. Macrae steel miller Oliver Cripps Rowell Caicos Horne Francis rookies. RUCK gawndy Fwd Dunkley butters cogs Ralph smith rachelle rookie. Any advice freo tragic



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