Team Reveal – The Maulers @ SCT

Written by Motts on February 26 2024

Righto, here’s where I’m at today with The Maulers @ SCT. Let me take you through some of the significant selections…


Massimo D’Ambrosio – In the 5 games leading up to Round 13 (his final game with Essendon) last year, he scored 34, 21, 27, 39 and 3. “Mottsy”, I hear you cry. “What the hell are you doing??” But in the first he was subbed off and in the remainder he started as the sub. No-one’s talking about this guy but if Hawthorn give him a run at it (and with their injuries so far, he’s going to get a run at it), he could quite easily make me $300k if he regularly scores what he did in Round 3 against the Saints when given a full game (98).


Ollie Wines – A full pre-season and Kenny making it clear that he will return to an inside midfield role has me bullish on a guy who has burnt me in the past. Wines attended more centre bounces than any other Power player in the recent praccy against the Crows so it looks like they’re not bluffing. Averaged 112 in 2021 (the year he won Chas) and 105 in 2022. At $460k, I’ll take the risk.


Max Gawn – Hate the Round 6 bye but the $130k I’ve saved by not playing English has been put to good use in other parts of the ground.


James Harmes – A reinvigorated player who’s as hard as a cat’s head. Averaged 87 in 15 games in 2021 and 95 in 22 in 2019. Goodwin used him as a tagger but with the injury to Bailey Smith, it looks like Bevo is going to let him run free: “I will most likely play as an inside mid. That’s where I’ve trained all pre-season,” he said. “I’ll spend a fair bit of time playing as that high half-forward as well, which I’m happy to do. I’ve done that my whole career. I haven’t done any tagging this pre-season, but who is to say that I won’t this season?” He kicked 4 in an intra-club but didn’t get a lot of midfield time against The Hawks in a recent praccy. Will be watching him carefully this weekend.

Overall structure

Trying to minimise the blokes with an early bye. Notable exceptions are Gawn and Flanders. Still not convinced about Zac Williams. Plenty of cash in the bank to help with that first upgrade.

Hope that gives you some food for thought. Standard rules apply about rookies getting named to play Round 1 to get a guernsey in the team.

Tear it apart.


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16 thoughts on “Team Reveal – The Maulers @ SCT”

  1. Really like the D’Ambrosio pick. I was at their game last week, and he looked like a smooth integration.
    Mitchell has previously expressed frustration with Scrimshaw, CJ is out, Hardwick forward (at least for now), Amon probably back to the wing to cover CJ. A few things lining up for Mass to start the year.


    1. Liked it too. He looked to transition freely and got quite a few touches, enough to include him on my watch list.


    1. You spend the entire off-season away from the site and within minutes of me publishing my team – built significantly from the advice you gave me over lunch last Friday – you’re back on here?!?


  2. Think it’s a really sound departure from a pure 3-5-3 GnR structure, Mottsy.

    Agree on paper with what Chips is saying (bar Hamres) but there’s been good mail on all those guys, so I get it.


  3. Your Mid-pricers are going to make or break you I reckon this year

    I know I’m going to pick the wrong one….

    Fyfe, Harmes, Jordon and Billings

    Think I’m going to need 2 of them, maybe three if I can pick the 2-time Best and fairest champ Fyfe. He did look super fit in the game on the weekend

    Billings is the one I’m most worried about

    Can I have ALL 4?

    If I can pick Brosse over Zac I will but yeah is he fit enough to last full games? More of the sub action at hawks?

    Nice team though


      1. Match report – Brisbane V Gold Coast Practice match.

        Clohesy – On a wing (presumably for Ellis) – did some good things but also pretty poor at times. Don’t think he’s quite ready. $102K DEF if he was to get games (needs an injury to Ellis or Fiorini IMO)

        I didn’t see the game so I can not give my observation.


  4. not the right spot for this, apologies…but with injuries…are we considering a ‘who benefits’ thread?
    EG Syd – no mills or parker – so does Adams become a must have forward? Roberts?
    EG Eagles – Flynn is out, so Williams / Allen?


  5. Not any criticism, more a wish! Being a Port boy, I hope you are right about Wines. I’ve had him in and out of my squad and already have both Butters/Rozee. Currently he is not in, mainly because i think he is at least 4th in line behind the 2 above plus JHF – if not 5th with Drew included.
    I know what Kenny has said, and the praccy against the Crows I think he was at more CBA’s than any. JHF was in the guts a lot too, not so much Butters, Rozee… not even sure I saw Drew??
    Anyway, you’ve got some POD’s that could prove magnificent picks, overall pretty decent


  6. Why is there concerns about Houston?
    …..that Harmes statement is why I’m confident he will tag some games on the running H’Backs/Mids.

    ……and Mottsy, you’ll be able to get a couple of your Blueboys going up in value in Round 3, and a couple that went down in value in Round 4…..



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