Tech League Battles

Written by JimmyDee on August 7 2020

An epic score of 2205 by Mrs Macca to top the leagues this week. She must be relishing that her hubby isn’t quite bored enough to actually talk to her.

JB Bombers the only other side to crack the 2k mark with 2101, with that Chameleon showing only one colour, green for all go. All Nuns and Chips Ahoy coming at 3 and 4 followed by my lovely wife in 5th, who had the bad fortune to play both of the aforementioned in the head to head in each league.

Mrs Macca scooted away with that superior score putting on a 361 point break over The Nuns who obviously copped a punishing from FD for recent lapses in scoring. 2 EZY, MBuzz and JB Bombers round out the top five with an elongated list of coaches over 20k points with the Amazonian Kelvinators, the ever present Chips Ahoy, Willy’s Gun Impending Carnage, the Ballsy Agates, Lost Lands and Alza’s Assassins the best of the peloton.

Not much of a bye next week, unless you have squillions of Swans and Giants. I don’t but I’m not challenging at the minute. Let us know how you plan to catch the Golden Arches at the top.


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5 thoughts on “Tech League Battles”

  1. I expect to watch the Golden Arches run away from the rest of us. But, just in case that does not happen, I’m going to keep plugging away at the BE game and getting in good players at low prices when they make it possible. Like say Titch this week.

    When I looked at the Golden Arches this week I was just like “How did they do that!” Amazing team.


  2. Thanks Jimmy and FD! `
    It’s all luck really … and having Satan from early on!! Big deciding factor across not only tech leagues but all leagues this last round I think!

    That plus Mrs Macca is able to get a lot of help as Mr Macca’s main OA team not being worked on too much due to the rnd 3 debacle which ruined that team’s chances too!

    Need to have a look now at future trade choices / plans … very undecided now which way to leap and the lack of forward byes is an issue!!

    Thanks for the early write up lads!!


  3. After this week I will be at essentially full premo but needing to trade at least 5 under performers. Weller, Lukosius, Bailey, Hopper, D. Smith, O’Brien



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