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Written by JimmyDee on September 22 2020

And the winner is……

38454 points won this year’s TECH LEAGUE  title and a place in the Hall of Fame – Congratulations to our own (Mrs) Macca, who was so despondent after the round 3 debacle that he was ready to throw in the towel. A couple of emails back and forth convinced him to continue and I’m fairly certain in hindsight that he thinks that was a cool move!!

Runner up was JB Bombers@SCT, with SCT’s Chameleon somewhat responsible for the side. Third overall was Liam’s 2EZY@SCT, followed by Father Dougal’s All Nuns@SCT and Chips Ahoy! rounding out the top five.

Father Dougal was the victor in the SCTTL1 major final over my wife, who by the way, can’t play for nuts leaving the C on Crippa, but that’s another story and did not reflect any difference to the final result of 2242 vs 2095.

FD had six players crack 130 just when he needed them and when his first six players racked up 726 points without a captain, I figured there was trouble ahead, not a very difficult prophecy. Congratulations, great result FD, especially for someone I had to convince to join and whose response was “what the heck, I’ll give it a crack – at least I don’t have to pick the Team”. Hopefully you’re an inspiration to a new breed of Tech Leaguers next year.

SCTTL 2 Grand Final winner was Liam with his 2EZY@sct defeating  Grace’s (Kirstie’s) Ninius comfortably in the end 2378 to 2130. Having the VC on Steele proved fruitful, as did having six other players crack 120 plus, and three more tons to Grace’s five and four respectively.

Biggest difference was Liam’s only three spuds were shared by Grace, but unfortunately she had four more spud it up, namely Jack Martin, Andrew Brayshaw, Duncan and Bazlenka. Congrats to you Liam, and well done on a great year in the Techs.

SCTTL1 Minor Granny winner was Kevin’s Technicoolz with a massive tech score of 2449 (which would have won many major finals), over The Agates@sct who himself had a respectable 2302. Kevin and the Agates masquerade as regulars Don Kevos and Dotrat.

SCTTL 2 minor champ was the almighty Nicole’s The Phat Side @sct defeating Justine’s Mrs 34 2232 to 2151. I think we all know the Phat Side alter ego, but Mrs 34 is Cam The Midwifes alter ego.

A very hearty congratulations to each and every winner of all the categories, and to all the Tech Leaguers who made this year’s competition so very entertaining, challenging and hopefully, fulfilling. I sincerely hope we can build on this year’s success and introduce a third league next year.

Have a great off season and most of all, stay safe till we see you again.





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9 thoughts on “Tech League Results”

  1. Thank you both for running this and convincing me –> us to join. I’ll be helping you recruit next year. 🙂

    When we saw we had no way to win the overall comp, we switched to focusing on the playoffs, and feel lucky to have pulled things out in the end for the league win.


    1. That was also my strategy FD. For the final I had to decide whether I would get more points (with my two trades) by replacing Doc and using greaves, Draper and using Rankine, or Rankine and keeping Draper and Greaves. As it turned out I replaced Doc as I thought Laird would chop up against the Tigers, but not to be.

      The Crippa story was that I knew I had to take the C off but was deciding whether to take Max’s VC, or chase it with Danger or Fyfe. Macrae wasn’t in the picture due to poor history against the Dockers. Unfortunately, I thought the game was at 7:20 and when I went to make the change, it had started at 7:10 wtf. Anyway, as I said in the post, it would not have made a difference because even with Danger I would have fallen 3 points short and I think that may have disappointed me more than the end result.

      Great year oh Holy One, finishing fourth overall and winning a GF. No Money but plenty of cudos. Looking forward to meeting up again next year. Cheers.


  2. Thanks for running this JD, 2nd year in the Tech League and I can’t stress enough how good it is to be in this comp.


  3. Thanks for running the comp for us! Was good to see posts every week keeping us up to date with such a chaotic fixture.
    Was not the best of seasons from me, finishing 14th in the group. Was somewhat brought back to reality after winning last year.
    Looking forward to next season and seeing the crazy team that will get produced. Hoping to see a normal season and then trades will be more valuable and that might set a few coaches back.
    Once again thanks for all your work!


    1. Onya everyone involved.
      I’ve decided to keep this Step-son-in-law and thank him for his contributions.
      JimmyDee, Macca, Father and everyone else and their other halves(?) that kept this going – Thank you.
      Can’t wait for next years ingenious criteria (again) for the starting lineup…..(maybe no brownlow votes or CD mark ups LOL)


  4. Thanks all, I tried hard after missing Rounds 2 & 3 with the significant changes happening following the COVID break I was constantly chasing my tail. Think I improved to finish the last few weeks in top handful on a weekly basis but just proves you can’t take a week off!

    Sorry for my poor performance this year but looking forward to going around again & 100% not trading in Cripps 🙂


  5. Ill be back for next year & see if I can improve on that 10th spot. Also at times this tech side scored more than my main side haha


  6. Thanks again James for running the League and picking a great starting team!

    Yep, this side wasn’t impacted too much by the round 3 debacle … and it hurt my main side chances for OA by up to 500 points in that round … so I didn’t really worry at all about the main side and just made changes without any research etc … interestingly the main side finished 4770 on 38,439 with the Tech side in 4655 and on 38,454 … bad last two rounds for the main side … dropping over 1,500 places … and with those round 3 points, that would have been much better!!

    The Tech side kept me involved this year, otherwise I would have thrown the whole thing in completely after round 3 – it left that bad a taste in my mouth. Of course, once the draws came back with Byes in them I also felt bound to Mottsy and supply the Bye Planners again as well … which made me focus a bit more on the main side too.

    Really rueing our semi final match up last week and that loss by 25 points!! Having scored 2,402 in this last round which would have got both you and Father!! It was a nice move by you getting Acres … pity he didn’t score last week like this week!!

    It just goes to show there is an awful lot of luck involved in this game we love called Supercoach … and this year even more so I think!! (ie the scores this week of Simpkin and Jed for instance!) …

    Anyways mate, to you and Father, congrats on the final and congrats to Father on the win!! Also, congrats to Liam (2EZY@sct) in the second league for his win, and even more so to all the teams that played in the Tech League this year … it’s a lot of fun and a real challenge seeing how everyone makes different trades from the initial line up!! …. Recommend everyone gets involved next year!!

    Well done and thanks again James!!



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