Tech League Review

Written by JimmyDee on May 29 2022

Nineteen coaches exceeded 2400 points for round 11 in a display of excellence that I’m finding hard to keep up with. Given where these coaches started eleven rounds ago, their scoring power has risen dramatically making for a super competitive competition and astute decision making.

Top of the heap this week, and first mention at the top for a while is Barry’s Jumper Punchers with a massive 2567. Really well done Luke.

Bombers SCTTL 2532, Tumultuos Tons backed up with 2530, ol’ mate Amir’s Ninjas with 2503 and five others in the 2490s, including Bog Eyes Ralph, West End Bombers, All Nuns, DR’s Tech team and Romo Tech.

The top part of the table looks like this..


Withe first of the bye rounds upon us next week, can you fill up your warm body spaces adequately, or will you struggle this round. Let us know via the poll, and as always provide some comments for us to get involved in.

How many warm bodies do you have for the round 12 bye round ?

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3 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. I think I’ve got 20 this week if there’s no surprises but will probably try and trade Preuss or Hayes and get Darcy Cameron in my rucks for the byes. Devastated to not top 2500 cause I was overjoyed with my VC of Neale only to realise I had no donuts after him but 2492 is still very close at least


  2. This round I have 21, if no outs, which are very possible since I own Dixon and Khamis. Next round will be the hard one for me

    A thing with tech teams is that a lot of early trading to get rid of the players that need getting rid of can help get a good team after a few rounds, but it sucks up trades and makes the end of the season harder. Also, we are better at not trading ok but not prefect picks, like Lipinksi, since there are more urgent things to fix.


  3. The sooner they make VC’s double points and Capts triple points the healthier we will be.
    Then we will be at least two thirds right and not just half right…..
    Other than that, and having most of their premiums out this week, the West End Bombers are still in it (said to me in good faith from the GrandKids)…..



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