Tech League Review

Written by JimmyDee on June 5 2022

Barrie and his team BogEyes Ralph@SCT topped the charts this week with an impressive 2085 points. I say impressive in no small way as he was the only coach to crack over 2000 for the round, and in doing so, leap frogged a few teams to land in third overall.

Close to 2000 but no cigar was Wayne’s West End Bombers with a creditable 1994, followed by bunch of coaches in the mid 1900s with Nathan’s Abels Axes on 1952 the best of them.

Bombers SCTTL, Zac SCTTL, Tumultous Tons, 2EZY SCTTL and Snipers finishing the run down at 1919 of those coaches over 1900.

Techiewannabes still holds onto top spot from the Ninjas, Bog Eyes, Ninius and the Jumper Punchers holding down the top five, only 341 points in arrears. Who know what could happen during the bye rounds?


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3 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. Another poor week for my team. 1748 from 17 and had Oliver as captain
    This season hasn’t gone well for me and it will take a miracle to fix the Tech Difficulties.


  2. Hmmmm … my very strong position out in front is crumbling and the chasers are catching me quickly … particularly that mad scientist aka trader Ninjas … who trades likes he’s running out of air and has amassed a side I dont think I can counter.

    Gutted to see my trades completely flop … traded hard to counter Stewart … only to cop his dodgy 39 … and the worst of it was that I ditched Daicos to get him … so points lost, difficult trade position bye coverage and Daicos growth all gone. Also brought in English to cover teams as well … and that too didn’t work well.

    I’m not too sure where to, as my initial plans had been to not trade Rnd12 … but the scoring of Stewart and then English had cruelled my position … so figured they had to come in ASAP

    I was initially terrified of Bog Eyes score, but he will hurt this round I think as he may only have about 11 or 12 players before trades I think … if I’m counting correctly … and depending on those rookies named …

    Time to revisit my trade plans … and not sure whether to look at a round 12 premo or a round 14 one (with OK bye coverage still in that round, rookies depending … as always!!)

    Good luck to all … well, maybe not the 6 of you closest to catching me that is!! *wink*


  3. Sorry to be so late in the replies, ….. was unable to reach the keypad due to enormus swelling of the cranium….
    ‘think you’re right about the bye rounds Macca, could be make or break for some, and then of course those other thingeys, the trades…….



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