Tech League Review

Written by JimmyDee on July 3 2022

After some moderate weeks Daniels Riches exploded back on the scene with a chart topping 2659 for his DR’s Tech Team, which I think my tech team and classic team combined probably did not reach.

DR nailed the Satan VC  and had 13 tons, 7 of which were 140 plus. Certainly helps the scorecard with those kind of players in your side (I just dream).

Silver medal for the week goes to Zac SCTTL for a splendid 2607, which could have been gold with 2662 had he taken Satan’s VC score. What’s the go there Zac ? Third place on the podium goes to the ever improving and fast finishing Tumultuous Tons with 2578. Pretty cool score Tom, for a team without the Curley redhead.

So many great scores this week so I will break tradition and give them all shout out. Fourth was Snipers (2576), next the old girl Glenda’s Techiewannabees  with 2568. Looks like you can’t keep her down and that that top spot stays a little comfortably ahead. Ashley’s Mr Plow(man) stitched up a 2557, Nato’s Tech Difficulties 2541, Father Dougals girls are now making a habit of big scores with 2540 and Gumbies pumped out 2539 to finish among all those coaches over 2500. Fantastic effort that !

As you can see from the chart, none of the chasing pack made up any ground this week but don’t give up just yet, this game goes right through to round 23 before we can declare a winner. Will it be two out of three ?


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7 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. Back to back weeks where the Tech team has outscored my main team.
    I went left field having Dale as my VC which then became my C, thus missing out on Oliver.
    I also had Daicos on the bench but was in my midfield so he was loopholed with Boak, gaining 30 odd points.

    Jackson as a late out had to be traded so Blicavs was brought in and did well.
    With English returning, this should take Lipinski off the field, to then be a loophole with someone like Rozee. So cover should be good with Daicos and Lipinski with 2 trades if required.

    Sadly the team is coming good a bit late still seeing me way back in the chase, so a 2nd title looks gone


  2. The tons are in form, but too far back sadly, only gained 9 points on the lead. At this rate I’ll catch up some time in 2025. If my rucks(63+55) had stood up this week what could’ve been. Hopefully can real in a podium finish, or maybe win the H2H.


  3. Poor showing from the Ninjas Tech Team this week – new recruit a Doch was ordinary as were Mills, Heeney and Witts. Only saving grace was having the C on Miller (don’t have and won’t get Oliver).

    Trades finished so it’ll be C choices and loops to try and catch Glenda!


  4. BogEyesRalph was prepared to carry another donut for English, but new recruit Hall’s 18 pts really hurt. Sadly, I should have seen it coming.


  5. What??!! Wait .. round 23??? I thought I only had to get to the end of the rounds before SC finals start – so only to round 19??!!!!

    That’s new / caught me by surprise …



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