Round 16 Review

Written by Dane on July 4 2022

Brisbane (16.12.108) defeated Western Bulldogs (9.13.67)

1. Tom Liberatore (144). In a rich vein of form and it continued on Thursday with another ripping game through the middle where he found 33 touches (17 contested), 8 clearances, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

2. Charlie Cameron (137). Was electric on Thursday as he kicked 4 goals  from 12 touches, 4 marks and 3 tackles on his way to this career best score.


3. Lachie Neale (135). Had just a really good, solid game in the middle up against one of the more dominant midfields in the game as he collected 33 touches (14 contested), 6 marks, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 6 clearances for a VC worthy score.


4. Bailey Dale (134). Season best effort from Dale who led the game with 637 metres gained from 32 touches and 5 marks off half-back.

5. Keidean Coleman (118). Best game of his career on Thursday as he set career high marks around the ground with 5 inside 50’s and 5 rebounds from 50, as well as 18 kicks (from 24 touches) and 10 marks. 

Other 100+ scores: Lincoln McCarthy (112), Adam Treloar (109), Marcus Bontempelli/Jordan Sweet (108), Harris Andrews (105), Jack Macrae (104), Jarrod Berry (101), Josh Dunkley (100)

Disappointment: Most of the really popular picks performed here but if you went with Oscar McInerney as a Pruess or English replacement, his score of 60 on Thursday would’ve been a rough start to round 15.

Rookies: Couple of rookies to cover here. Bedendo (41) had a great start but fizzled out of the game, finishing with 1 goal and 11 touches on debut, while Tunsitll had a really good second up effort with 11 touches, 5 marks and 1 goal for 73 points.

Injuries: Rough evening for the Lions in the injury department as a couple of prime movers in Zorko and Rich suffered hamstring setbacks. Saw a few comments surrounding Treloar and an apparent hamstring injury as well but couldn’t find any concrete evidence to say  whether or not this actually happened.

Carlton (10.18.78) defeated by St Kilda (14.9.93)

1. Jack Sinclair (150). An outstanding game from Sinclair who set multiple career high marks including disposals (37), kicks (28), marks (11) and of course, Supercoach score. Also had 604 metres gained and ran at 89% DE with just 1 clanger.

2. Adam Saad (124). A great POD leading into the final stage of the season with this his tenth ton of the year and sixth in a row. Had 25 touches (13 contested) with 5 marks across half-back.


3. Sam Walsh (115). Played predominantly midfield throughout the game to find 33 touches of the ball with 16 contested touches and 6 clearances.

4. Jack Steele (107). Back-to-back tons in his couple of comeback games as he played an impressive game in the middle to find 24 touches and 9 tackles for the night.

5. Patrick Ryder (106). Snagged a couple of crucial goals in this game but played really well as a pretty much solo ruck late to finish with 11 touches, 3 marks, 5 tackles and 31 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Docherty was my on-field replacement for Stewart this week and made himself right at home with a season low 75 in my backline. Oh well, sure it’ll even out over the remaining weeks.

Rookies: Third game for Kemp in the Carlton backline and he played pretty well with 13 touches, 5 marks and 62 points as he worked into his first price rise. 

Injuries: Carnage for the Saints with key defender Howard going down due to a knee injury, while a sickening head clash between Clark and Butler left both covered in blood. 

Essendon (15.5.95) defeated Sydney (12.14.86)

1. Chad Warner (155). Played a massive role in the tense final term to boost his score as he finished with 25 touches (11 contested), 7 clearances, 13 inside 50’s, 727 metres gained and 3 goals 

2. Zach Merrett (140). Ripping score from Merrett who found 24 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 3 goals for his best score of the year.

3. Nick Hind (118).
Kicked the sealer late in the game to cap off a really good afternoon in which he had a team high 682 metres gained to pair with 25 touches and 7 marks.

4. Darcy Parish (112). Just sneakily found his way to a ton from just 21 touches (12 contested), 7 marks and 5 clearances in his return from injury.

5. Mason Redman (102). Another ton from Redman as he found 22 touches, 7 marks and 1 massive goal to boost his score in the last.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Few rough weeks for Heeney after he was a popular option to bring in a fortnight ago, only scoring 67 this week from 9 touches and 2 goals.

Rookies: Really good third up score from D’Ambrosio who found 23 touches and 6 marks across half-back to score 83 points and enjoy a solid first price rise.

Injuries: After there was plenty of injuries in the first two games of the round, there was fortunately none this week.

Adelaide (10.5.65) defeated by Melbourne (14.10.94)

1. Christian Petracca (189). Set a career high Supercoach score in this one from a monstrous statline that had 33 touches (20 contested), 5 marks, 6 tackles, 5 clearances, just 1 clanger and 3 goals for the game.

2. Clayton Oliver (176). Was on track for another double ton, of which he ultimately fell short of but this is still an outstanding C score after he found 36 touches (19 contested), 6 clearances and 13 tackles.


3. Ed Langdon (150). Another monster score from this game (also a career high) was Langdon who ran the wing all day to find 33 touches (11 contested) with 6 marks, 1 goal and 532 metres gained.

4. Jordan Dawson (144). Season best from Dawson who showed he was the ideal Stewart replacement with 30 touches (25 kicks) that gained 649 metres at 80% DE. Also snuck forward to snag 1 goal.


5. Rory Laird (130). Started fairly slow but was integral to the Crows to the Crows getting within a few kicks as he found 32 touches (11 contested), 9 tackles, 1 goal and 560 metres gained.


Other 100+ scores: Reilly O’Brien (127), Ben Keays (124), Steven May (108)

Disappointment: Going to throw this one to Taylor Walker (66) for his season low score.

Rookies: Nothing to cover in this game.

Injuries: Also no injuries to cover in this one.

Geelong (21.18.144) defeated North Melbourne (5.2.32)

 1. Cameron Guthrie (134). It’s been evident for a number of weeks now that this guy is in some serious form and that continued with this 29 touch, 7 tackle, 1 goal game.

2. Tom Hawkins (129). Dominated up forward to move into third in the Coleman medal race after snagging 6 goals from 19 touches and 10 marks in probably his best game of the season.


3. Luke Davies-Uniacke (124). Fifth ton of the year for the former pick 4 as his season average moves up to 95, a pretty promising sign. Had 35 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances, 7 marks and 6 tackles to be probably BOG for the Roos.

4. Mitch Duncan (121). Game 250 for Duncan and he celebrated in style with his best score of the season thanks to 30 touches and 14 marks while running at 83% DE.

5. Jeremy Cameron (117). Now has the outright lead in the Coleman after kicking 4 goals here but also finding a massive 30 disposals and 10 marks all over the ground.

Other 100+ scores: Mark Blicavs (117), Luke McDonald (104)

Disappointment: Rough score from Todd Goldstein on Saturday night as he only found 7 touches and 15 hitouts for a score of 55.

Rookies: Nothing to cover in this one either.

Injuries: It wasn’t to be for Aaron Hall, who unfortunately had a quad injury within the first ten minutes of the game to crush the thousands of coaches who brought him in this week. Joining him on the bench was Kayne Turner who has had some impressive games in tagging roles this season.

Gold Coast (8.14.62) defeated by Collingwood (9.13.67)

1. Touk Miller (153). Backed up his 160 from round 7 against the Pies with another huge score thanks to 31 touches (18 contested), 10 clearances, 10 tackles and 547 metres gained to top score in this game.

2. Nick Daicos (143). Monstrous game from Daicos as he found 37 touches of the leather while gaining 674 metres and using the ball at 83% DE. Could hit 500K soon and is very relevant as a D6.


3. Noah Anderson (132). Much like Miller, backed up his ripper game against the same opposition in round 6 with this 30 touch (15 contested), 6 clearance, 1 goal, 612 metre gained game.

4. Matt Rowell (113). His third ton in his previous four games came from 23 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances and 5 tackles. Worth still holding if you need on current form.

5. Izak Rankine (110). Talking about current form, Rankine has been scoring incredibly well since his score of 3 in round 7. He reads as 94, 93, 89, 88, 102, 101, 95 and this latest 110 as he has gained over 200K in price. This score came courtesy of 18 touches and 4 goals.

Other 100+ scores: John Noble (108), Brayden Maynard (106), Josh Daicos (101)

Disappointment: Rough score from Witts this week who only mustered 63, his second in that range in the past three weeks.

Rookies: One of the really popular pre-season picks in Tsitas got his first shot at the big time here and finished with 5 touches, 3 marks and 26 points from just 35% game time. There was also late in Hewago Paul Oea who also had low TOG (49%) but scored 49 from 6 touches and 1 goal. Second gamer Chugg was the sub and didn’t take the ground.

Injuries: Nasty looking knee injury to Darcy Moore really late in the game which will see him miss sometime. That same contest  led to an ankle injury to Ainsworth, while Budarick had a leg injury late as well.

Richmond (20.8.128) defeated West Coast (13.15.93)

1. Daniel Rioli/Tim Kelly (127). A ripping game from Rioli off half-back as he collected 28 touches that gained 576 metres, while also running at 85% DE with no clangers and 1, long range, running goal. Kelly was superb for the Eagles as they played a pretty good game all round, collecting 40 touches (17 contested), 9 clearances, 2 goals and 516 metres gained. 

2. Marlion Pickett (120). Numerous career best marks in this game from Pickett, with this career best score coming from a career best 25 touches and 2 goals, plus 7 marks and 5 tackles to pair with it.


3. Nic Naitanui (119). Back in the team and back to his big scoring after finishing with 19 touches (12 contested), 6 clearances, 26 hitouts and 1 goal. One to consider as a POD to finish the season if your rucks are not set.

4. Shannon Hurn (116). As an Eagles supporter, I hope he goes on again in 2023, as he’s still producing great footy at 34. Has averaged 110 in his past 6 games with a low of 99, this week having 20 touches, 8 marks and no clangers while running at 95% DE.

5. Nathan Broad (115). Fifth ton for Broad in 2022 as he found 25 touches, 11 marks and ran at 88% DE in the Tigers backline.

Other 100+ scores: Jamie Cripps (107), Shai Bolton (102)

Disappointment: It’s been a rough three week patch for owners of Jayden Short, who this week produced 82, his third week in the 80’s in a row. Not scores bad enough to drop, but not near his best from the start of the season.

Rookies: Another deubant for the Eagles this round with Zane Trew (49) getting his first run around this weekend. He played pretty well to gather 13 touches and snag 1 goal in the midfield. Rhett Bazzo’s third game produced 26 points from 9 touches.

Injuries: A couple more hamstrings in this game, with Elliot Yeo, who was looking pretty good in his new, half-back role, pinging his string in the third term, the same timeframe that Tiger superstar Dustin Martin was subbed off with his.

GWS (11.6.72) defeated Hawthorn (7.8.50)

1. James Sicily (132). Gained a massive 960 metres from his 25 touches (23 kicks) in shocking conditions up in Sydney for his fourth 130+ score of the year. 

2. Tom Mitchell (120). Was in the midfield all day and did what we know he can do in the right role. Had 36 touches (18 contested) plus 7 tackles and 5 clearances for the game.


3. Sam Taylor (115). Best score of the season for the key GWS defender as he found 18 touches (12 contested) with 7 tackles for the game.

4. Tim Taranto (111). Back to the triple figure scores and shapes as a decent F7/M9 option if he can continue to find 30 touches, 10 tackles and 516 metres gained consistently. 

5. Josh Kelly (110). Another ton for Kelly as he found 29 touches (15 contested) and 8 tackles for his tenth ton of the year. 


Other 100+ scores: Matthew Flynn (107), Jesse Hogan (103), Isaac Cumming/Harry Himmelberg (102), Stephen Coniglio (100)

Disappointment: Nothing horrid from this one so ill throw it to Toby Greene (58).

Rookies: Second gamer Blanck (45) wasn’t too bad down back with 6 touches and 2 tackles for his second score. Wehr gets a shoutout for his 2 goal, 15 touch, 3 tackle game that netted him 88 points.

Injuries: A rough looking dislocated shoulder ended James Worpels day very early.

Fremantle (15.9.99) defeated Port Adelaide (14.7.91)

1. Andrew Brayshaw (134). Monster game from Brayshaw who overcame a shoulder knock to finish with 27 touches (10 contested), 1 goal and 11 tackles for his ninth ton of the year. 

2. Sean Darcy (124). A fairly popular choice this round to bring in as he bottomed out in price and produced a great game of 21 touches (16 contested), 9 clearances, 4 tackles and 38 hitouts.


3. Ollie Wines (119). Was superb for Port as he found 39 touches (17 contested) with 5 clearances in the middle of the ground. Was probably held back by just 128 metres gained for the game.

4. James Aish (113). Had hit the ton at half-time after playing a great game on the wing, eventually finishing with 29 touches, 2 goals and 8 marks.

5. Travis Boak (112). Rounded out the top five with his ninth ton of the year coming from 32 touches (12 contested) and 1 goal in a predominantly midfield role.

Other 100+ scores: Jordan Clark (108), Caleb Serong (105)

Disappointment: Rough score to end the round for owners of Dan Houston, as he only found 16 touches for 62 points. 

Rookies: Solid debut from Jase Burgoyne (65), who found 17 touches (9 contested) with 5 marks down back for the Power, one to keep an eye on if he can string a few games together. 

Injuries: Another hamstring injury to end the weekend, this one going to Port young gun Lachie Jones, while for Freo, it was important forward Taberner who was subbed off.


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  1. Well done Dane.
    I dodged 2 bullets, was trading Daicos to Hall & Hinge to Turner for DPP cover & cash gen. Preuss not playing created other problems, thankfully


  2. Great write up as always!

    Quick mention to Irish Callum Brown of GWS for 4 goals and possibly a score of 102, priced at 123k.



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