Polling Station – Round 17

Written by Dane on July 4 2022

Got some stuff that you’d like to see on the site this week? Put it down in the comments below and some of those ideas will make it into their own thread!


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11 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 17”

    1. I will update in the Coaches box asap.

      If not today, tomorrow when Clubs release injury lists.


  1. I’d like to see a poll on those who once were legends, but no more…..danger, pendles etc….


  2. Want point to we start looking at luxury trades?
    i.e. I have 6 trades and there’s 7 rounds left, is it too early to use a trade to go Cripps to Laird?
    There’s 50 players that average over 100, only 27 have played every game so chances are we will need some injury cover.


    1. I was thinking something along this path, maybe who of the under performers should we hold (Short, Cripps, Crisp etc.) on each line and who needs to be pinged off.


    2. This really is a case by case question, and is dependant if you are playing for overall position and / or league wins.

      In your case, If you are playing for highest possible finish, I would certainly make that trade, as you’re in a relatively strong trade position compared to most, if your team is premo complete.

      Good luck


  3. Is it time for a look back on the year now that we’re two thirds of the way through?

    Eg best trades, biggest regrets etc


    1. Yep Dane

      I’m looking at doing an in-depth team review next week, details all my trades etc.

      A best and worst trades thread may be cool too.


  4. How many donuts have you had since not trading the likes of Gawn still owned by 17% , English 34%, Pruess 12% & Grundy 6%. Has not trading cost you league wins.
    My last two opponents had Gawn English or Preuss sitting on the bench, sometimes all of them, lots of $ doing nothing.



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