Tech League Review

Written by JimmyDee on August 24 2020

Mrs Macca Marches on, and whilst not in the top scorers this week, still pulled away from the leaders .

Top scores for the round were all pretty impressive for a Tech Team format. Grace’s Ninius topped all with 2379, Tech Difficulties 2364, The Phat Side 2352, Fixed Interest 2344, 2Ezy 2335, Kelvinators 2331, Dr’s Tech team 2314 and Mrs Macca notching up 2313 to join the list of those achieving 2300 plus. Well done “youse mobs”.

Finals kick s off next round and we have some really gripping match ups in the making. I’ll write a finals review a little later. For now my strategy is to try and win a final, so my trades are going to reflect that and may even include radical moves like trading out my only Brisbane players and trading them back in in two weeks time.

What are the rest of you doing for the week?


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3 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. Thanks JD! Pretty annoyed at the scoring on Goldy tonight to be honest … pulled my score down significantly and was just pure BS watching and scoring live myself.

    That said, the call two weeks ago to ditch Gawn had paid off with three scores now … the only downside in that call being not taking NicNat at the time which would have netted a lot more points and also would have provided extra cash for different options … may be defining.

    Went a little bit off the reservation on trades this week and took Fyfe (against better judgement) over Zerrett – may bite me as well!!

    Trades this week …. hmmmm …. how do you have enough trades to trade out and in players??!!! Well done if you can though!!

    Good luck all!!


    1. Had those two rounds when I was down the gulf country and couldn’t play. Cost me a lot of points but kept a few trades up my sleeve.


  2. Yeah the dilemma of not knowing more about Nic Nat’s “rest” game, just made me follow the brilliance (copy) the ruck combinations of our leaders (Missus Mac, FD) to try and stay in touch.
    The next rounds look as if it’s going to be, good buys,…. or bye-byes.
    Trades will be the key JD, ……and savings to some degree will help.



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