Tech League Summary

Written by JimmyDee on August 2 2020

Had the pleasure of being smacked by this week’s top scorer, Garielle’s Lost Lands @sct with a nice 2371. Second was the ever reliable Mrs Macca who’s glad her hubby decided to stay in the game. Third , fourth and fifth with 2317, 2312 and 2305 wereMBuzz@SCT, Willy’s Impending Carnage and Grace’s NINIUS.

Top five remains the same with the gap only increasing to 149 between them. Top ten is still less than 600 behind and a few bye round carnage situations could see that whittled away easily.

I’m a bit ambivalent regarding the bye this week. Have only three bye players in The Doc, Crippa and Chad, but can field 20 if plans go accordingly. However, having been belted and moving downwards two spots in the group I might be tempted to sideways trade a couple of those to try and get a better score as I still have the four trades from when I was away.

What are your plans for the first bye, long term strategy, bank on the ones playing or trade up now or after the byes. Give us your view.


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5 thoughts on “Tech League Summary”

  1. Awesome getting a write up out quickly JJ!

    Yes, I’m maintaining the tech side and trying my best with making good trades … still lamenting the other day with Bye Planner, work and too tied leaving me little time to have any and several trade plans … had the thought of Dusty in, but hadn’t planned out how it looked and thus didn’t pull that trigger … what could have been!

    Not sure for how to go forwards now, and with me drops every day, you have no way who will be named or not … and whether to trade or not … very interesting period coming up!

    Good luck all and thanks for running this JJ!


  2. I’m slowly making my way up the group with a 2279 this week with Walters and Doedee out injured.
    This week I’m looking trading, Brander/Brown out. Unsure who I should get for my forward line. Simpkin and Bailey Smith aren’t looking the best of choices after last round. I could bring in Dusty but his 184 really upped his price.
    Going to be interesting to whether I should trade any in as I only have 3 premos out for bye this week. Hoping Doedee and Walters return so it was worth the hold


  3. I’ve been slipping a bit, but am bringing in Duncan, Stewart, and Draper this week. Hopefully they will help me fight my way back up.

    Should have 21 on the pitch with one Fwd/Mid swing E. Only 5 playing defenders.

    Thanks lots of the fast turnaround!


  4. Thanks Jimmy
    MBuzz husband has to remember to check tech team through your week and adapt if abc scores well or loop hole option exists



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