Tech League Trade Talk

Written by JimmyDee on April 11 2021

Rookie carnage, injuries and restings made for a tough week, especially for those of us who had built a bank hoping to upgrade.

Should have been easy, Witts to a premo ruck first up and then
many thought they could offload Caldwell, Prestia or a non performer to another premo and start the upward scoring trend. However a rested ruck and a dearth of defensive rookies meant many had to choose the upgrade versus a donut, and the range of scores showed the variety of those choices.

Highest scorer was Technicoolz with 1945 which doesn’t sound great if you say it quickly, but was over 300 better off than some of the lower scores. R & J bombers pulled a handy 1940 and BDM Tech with 1916 were the only teams to crack the 1900 mark. Teams with 16 and 1700s have some catching up to do. Are you still going to try for the upgrades, or look at the best balance and play the long game?


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8 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk”

  1. Still have a pretty big bank, so will bring in the players best suited for long term. How to do that is looking pretty forced by who is out though! May will go, and not sure past that until I find out if Highmore is playing. If so, that is great, and if not, then I have to worry about donuts down back. There being so many injuries and outs is making this interesting, unlike normal play.

    Ended up bringing in Jiath and Grundy last week. Looks like Gawn would have been better, but oh well.

    Rolling lockouts are very annoying


  2. Mt team is in shambles already. Brought in Butters and Grundy for Prestia and Witts. Have 700k in the bank but will have to sideways Butters and possibly May this week with Caldwell still on the bench who I reckon I will keep now to save trades as I will only have 22 after this round


  3. Well that week was a shocker for my team having the 2nd lowest score due to 3 doughnuts. Traded out Prestia and Witts but then still had 4 0’s in the defence, with 1 of them being Zac Williams.
    Happy to say Danger should return to the field this week and Williams should also play, but May will need to be traded as I can’t cover him in defence due to all those rookies not playing.
    Currently it looks like May -> Jiath/Houli then a rookie to be traded to cover a doughnut


  4. Nearly as bad for me Nato.

    Still have Prestia due to covering a couple of donuts but still copped one and May. I also should be welcoming back Williams and Danger this week which hopefully gives me a little flexibility. However the lack of rookie backs and not getting another donut could force an early look at Lachie Jones instead of upgrading, yet again.

    Brought in Grundy and Jiath this round, could have afforded Gawn but went with what I thought would be the easier score against GWS. Wrong!!


  5. The missus is cursing the “flip of the coin” on the rookies this year – every week leaving points on the bench by choosing the wrong one to play – will be crucial at the end of the year and trying to defend the title!

    Like everyone else, brought Grundy in to see him screwed by CD scoring yet again and made him Capt after not taking Dunkley’s VC score. Congrats to those that chose Steele as Capt – big march on the rest of us!

    Got a lot of scrambling to do now and still holding Prestia and Higgins with May out now as well and like all of us, suspect Def rookies to look at too.

    Just goes to show how much luck plays a part – last year i dont think I made a bad call and every 50 -50 worked … this year, not so much. Also left Powell’s score on the bench over Jordan, which was a dumb move in hindsight … but the Dee’s sat him on the bench half the game which was annoying.


    I was always concerned that Jordan was just a cover for Viney.
    As Viney has had more TOG, Jordan has had less, which at best will mean Jordan plays each week as Viney’s interchange.
    I learnt from the Missus last year and got premos early instead of banking cash, because even though I had money in the bank I was buying players Missus Macca already had so I couldn’t gain ground.
    Ok, we both got beat in our prelims, but that is not what this comp is about.
    So think about that as well when making your choices.
    ****EPILOGUE: Fattening cows gets ~60 ave, having premos 100, Will you catch up??****



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