Tech League Trade Talk Rd16

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 1 2019

The Bye Rounds really seperated the Coaches from the Assistants as we now have a ‘leading pack’ of 5-6 Coaches that are well ahead in the Tech League Group.  One of them is Yiorgakis, who scored a massive 2524 with his Tech Team on the weekend…….great effort, mate!

How are you planning on making up the ground?  Do you have any trades left?  What moves are you making this week?


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8 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk Rd16”

  1. 246th for the week with a score of 2483!
    Also looking at making 0 trades this week unless i feel Chol is worth it, as there doesn’t really seem to be any others asking to be picked. Chol would give me 100k sitting in the bank with 7 trades left, but would still need another downgrade to upgrade ROB or Hore if i wanted Lloyd/Whitfield.

    Would have like Cameron to score better this week so i could use his DPP but it doesn’t look good after this week for his spot


  2. Pretty happy with the state of play at the mo, so may not trade this week either. 2335 this week and sitting 6th overall in the SCT TECHTeam Group. Have 7 trades left and $154K in the bank.

    Hoping Whitfield is back this week as I held onto him all this time (trades are gold). If Cripps is also back, I’ll be very happy.

    Walsh at M8 will be my final upgrade, so may just pull the trigger out of boredom later in the week! Who knows 😉

    Good luck all!



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