Tech Leagues Review & Bye Talk

Written by JimmyDee on June 6 2021

Seems the byes don’t adversely affect the gun coaches. 2Ezy and Chips Ahoy put up 2051 and 2009 respectively in a difficult week for tech teams, while four others managed 1900 plus led by Forever Bombers (1988), Terangatangs (1980), Neale Steele (1927) and MBuzz with 2013.

Ninius jumped to the top of the group, while DR yoyo’d back to second. Top ten listed below.

Some coaches however, did struggle to field a best eighteen this round. Will you be better off with the two extra teams next week, plus the extra trade, or will you struggle again?

What about those whose drilled it this week, are you well covered going forward. Tell us about your plans in the comments, and good luck to all coaches for the next two rounds particularly, and the post bye period.



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3 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Review & Bye Talk”

  1. Managed a reasonable 1858, and I say reasonable given all the carnage we’ve had to deal with and dropping to 9 trades during the round. Had to hang onto the Scotts, Highmore and Warners of the world to make the best eighteen this week.
    Next week is looking likely for 17-18 before trades, and thanks to Zorks, down to 11-12 for R14. Haven’t looked at how to balance that out, even with the extra trade but will have to have it all done by Thursday night as I will be at the State Bowls Champs Friday – Monday and I’m hoping I won’t have time to be stuck in SC due to winning my way through to finals in three events (lol).


  2. Yep it hasn’t been my year this year – looking like I won’t be able to defend the title it seems – hit as hard as all by the injuries / outs I guess … and double kicked on my trades with the likes of Duncan missing a game after trading etc …

    The calls I’ve made have backfired this year as opposed to last year when everything worked. Sums up SC perfectly!!

    I thought I had planned OK for these byes (I should, doing the Bye planners!!) but Grundy being injured with Mccreery didn’t help on top of the other outs. Pity we got the definite news on the extra trades and match swap a bit late into the round, having had to make the trades before it came through … if we’d known before Pies game I would have traded Grundy to NicNat and pocketed his points and cash growth … damn!

    Congrats to 2Ezy – I was playing him in the league H2H and could not believe the players he had on the park and scoring!

    For the next two weeks … not sure what to do now … Rnd14 is now going to be a real challenge and depending on what the real life coaches do with the rookies (and the what seems like never ending injuries) may not be bale to get 18 on the park.

    Good luck all!!



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