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Written by JimmyDee on May 16 2021

With scores ranging from 2291 from Adam’s Tech Mastermind at the top, to 1459 at the low end, although I feel Emma may be in the dead team category now as there were twelve DNPs in her side.

Top five for the week were Adam, Neale Steele (2195), R & J Bombers (2184), Technicoolz (2176) and Jacko’s PhantomHood Tech scoring a first time top five with 2168. DR’s monster of last week was followed up with a creditable 2121 to maintain top position in the group.

Let us know how you went, what trades worked out well and what were not so good. Are you on top of the byes or are you just struggling to field 22 each week. How many trades have you chewed up getting to where you are?


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6 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Talk”

  1. Didn’t crack 2000 yet again, but did nail the skipper for a rare change with the ‘C’ on Lyons.

    Tossed out Gulden and Stephenson for Poulter and The Zork, which was good but still doesn’t address upgrades due to the injury replacements.

    Down to 16 trades so there’s no way I can get to full premo although one day in the distant future I may be able to utilise Neale and Prestia who are still on my pine due to all the other injury trades.

    Don’t think I’ve even looked at the byes and their structure and the way it’s going, probably won’t !!


  2. Still cant take a trick this year on my choices … brought in Dusty as was cheaper than Zorko for Stephenson … which again may have been a bad move.
    Still have Neale and Howe on my bench – so the question will be what to do with them to to whom … or hold until they are back?????? hmmmm

    Could straight trade them this week but still no upgrades … and if Jones is back, you have to take him for the cash I think.

    Leaders now too far in front and I have no idea how Tech Mastermind – he has put together a great side already … just how??????


  3. Great to see I’m slowly moving up the group, sitting in 8th by just 1 point. I’m happy with my score of 2092 this week as once again the defence was lacking.

    I continue to wonder how many trades some teams have used for corrections compared to injuries as there is a long way to go in the season. I’m just waiting to see who will run out of trades and who didn’t think through the byes.

    This week Stephenson will likely go to Dusty as he made a good loophole this week, but wasn’t needed in the end with Lyon outscoring Duncan. Just hope Flynn continues as I’ve had enough doughnuts from him and I’m not taking any more.


  4. Ahh, So I went to a “Tech. School” too, and was their mastermind……so that’s how come it’s working then…….LOL
    ATM I have almost a full even balance for the byes…….so watch for further injuries and rookie turnover……


  5. My team continues to be in shambles. 16 trades left with Howe and Stephenson still in my team and 6 rookies on field. Just going to trade towards full keeper and hopefully have a couple trades left towards the end


  6. 18269 total.
    2118 for round.
    Traded out Stephenson & Young for Gawn (Marshall DPP) & Jelly.

    This week trading out R Marshall & Powell for Dusty & Hall



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